Strengthen and Stretch to New Heights With ULS

Strengthen and Stretch

to New Heights With ULS

Body And Mind Pilates

Body and Mind Pilates is all about sharing Hila’s first hand knowledge of the wonders of Pilates in Southern California. To meet the needs of this wildly popular form of exercise and therapy, Hila founded Body and Mind Pilates to cater to the needs of both men and women looking to improve and increase the body’s strength and flexibility or aid in preventing or recovering from injuries. With mainstay locations in Beverly Hills and the San Fernando Valley, Hila will help change your body and mind through Pilates.

The Plan:

Hila came to us in 2019 with the main goal of developing a website with intuitive design and clear navigation. Since Hila’s business hinges on experience and service rather than products, the website needed quick load times, smooth scrolling, and a way to encapsulate a class experience all with a glance.
Then to get the word out, email campaigns that shared the same impact were the next major component of Hila’s personalized marketing plan.

Hear From Hila!

Hila shares her thoughts on working with USA Link System

Strengthen and Stretch to New Heights With ULS

“ULS built a beautiful website that serves as a virtual business card and helps my clients find me!”

Strengthen and Stretch to New Heights With ULS

The ULS Approach:

The Challenge

Capturing the energy of an in-person teaching experience was crucial to translating the essence of Hila’s brand into a digital format. An integral part of that experience is an easy interpersonal connection centered around client wellbeing and care. Therefore, Hila’s site needed to be as easy to use as it was inviting and functional while balancing design elements to feel welcoming to a wide demographic of audiences interested in the Pilates craze.

The Solution

Thanks to clever code refactoring from our team, Hila’s website creates a welcoming atmosphere reminiscent of walking into a studio and serves as an excellent place for visitors to land and get to know how Pilates can help them.
With several elements of the site pointing towards fostering the Pilates community, we were able to create stunning emails to entice clients from all over SoCal!

Strengthen and Stretch to New Heights With ULS

The Results:

The result was a major win for Hila’s business and customers alike. Not only is the site fully functional and packed with SEO from both a development and content standpoint but also still creates the sense of community and strength found in a Pilates studio.

205% Increase in sessions
51% Increase in transactions
56% Increase in conversation rate
Strengthen and Stretch to New Heights With ULS
Strengthen and Stretch to New Heights With ULS
Strengthen and Stretch to New Heights With ULS
Strengthen and Stretch to New Heights With ULS

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