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The secret of successful business life

Coffee with Ally

This is a personal business blog which reflects Ms. Ally Spinu’s expertise in regards to varied topics related to international trade, business development & business management being not only a CEO but a great mom, wife and entrepreneur all at the same time.

Main Goals:

To design and develop a conformable blog space based on UX/UI with the possibility to share complex informational posts as well as share experience, ask questions and comment on a variety of business related questions.

A Space for Successful Women

It's all about balance of work and home.

A blog for successful women in Coffee with Ally logo

Learning how to combine work and motherhood has been the challenge of my life. Due to Coffee with Ally I've learned that it's worth it in the end.

A blog for successful women in Coffee with Ally logo

The ULS Approach:

The Challenge

The unfortunate truth is that most business bloggers fail because they encounter a wide range of challenges. In particular, it's a pain to peruse prominent blogs and see a wide range of abilities and talents on display: clever arguments in the comments, amazing writing, stunning photography, and engaging videos. In addition, lack of a specific blog strategy (blog subjects and style) make bloggers fail in the first two months of their online activity.

The Solution

We have designed a content strategy for our client, based on the major needs: this had to be a website with an interactive view, as a separate segment other than standard blog spaces, related to one specific but very important topic: Women in Business. We wanted to create a friendly atmosphere where women would share their ideas without any fear to be misunderstood. All comfy discussions usually happen with a cup of coffee. That is why it became our main symbol.

Coffee with Ally answers all UX and UI standards and is easy in use

The Results:

We have achieved excellent results in developing a friendly website where Ally Spinu shares her experiences and knowledge with those who are new to the industry, helping them get ahead and avoid the mistakes she made during her career.

45% Increase in sessions
60% Increase in transactions
20% Increase in conversation rate
Adapted for all the devices as desktop mobile and tablet
Building a personal brand fast and easy
We create your professional website in plain color pallet with dynamic elements
Affordable website design for business women

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