Adaptive platform for an International Trade Association

EXIMA - International Trade Association


This is a virtual space for professionals in the international trade industry to network and share trade knowledge. It provides informational support for international importers/exporters by importers/exporters and other players in an international trade transaction.

The Goal:

The main requirement was to create a website as a place for global trade professionals to share their knowledge and expertise with other global traders. This had to include a Q/A block where SMEs could communicate as well as other educational segments such as EX-Library, Business Directory and more.

People Talk about EXIMA!

We improve EXIMA for better user experience.

EXIMA Logo diverse patterns fonts and highly appealing templates

EXIMA has everything an international trade stakeholder needs to get started. No matter what your question is, they always have an answer.

EXIMA Logo diverse patterns fonts and highly appealing templates

The ULS Approach:

The Challenge

Every trade consulting business has its own unique challenges across the services industry. However, successfully managing projects and trusted experts network are a common challenge faced by every consulting firm as export and import business owners hardly trust trade experts who share their personal experience online. The reason is on the surface – each untrustworthy piece of advice causes huge business and financial losses.

The Solution

EXIMA’s founder saw a gap in communication between these groups, especially from an international, online perspective. Other trade associations or forums may exist, but none at the scale at which EXIMA operates and none are purely online. We created it as the only online international trade association that connects global stakeholders with the main requirement to design it in the way only trusted businesses could become a part of.

The largest informational website for trade players UI and UX

The Results:

We have created a unique international system with the possibility to help SMEs and other trade players during global export and import operations when they need it most with 24/7 presence.

230% Increase in sessions
157% Increase in transactions
88% Increase in conversation rate
Well designed Q and A model for fast communication
Business directory on EXIMA
Incorporated Blog page with latest trade updates
Learn how to go global with EXIMA stylish homepage

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