ExportsNews Wouldn’t Trade Their Experience

ExportsNews Wouldn’t
Trade Their Experience


ExportsNews brings the world of global trade to readers with journalistic integrity and a relatable voice, making it easy for anyone to get involved. Their core belief that journalism and media-making is crucial to the export and import industries has made a name for ExportsNews in the industry.

The Plan:

To best share news stories, ExportsNews needed a web design that could handle the ever-changing nature of global markets while also consistently delivering headlines and trends in a well thought out way. Getting the word out about this news destination also would require paid ads and social media promotion.

Hear Directly From Exportsnews!

Breaking news! Working with ULS is awesome.

ExportsNews Wouldn’t Trade Their Experience

“From User experience to ad Campaigns, ULS can do it all, and our management group is very please with years of collaboration with them.”

ExportsNews Wouldn’t Trade Their Experience

The ULS Approach:

The Challenge

News outlets of any kind or size require a user interface and site design that is both capable of handling ever-changing and continuously updating content while maintaining an ease of access and legibility. Structuring the site to mirror other news outlet structure society recognizes and trusts was also an element to consider to help build on the brand’s rigorous journalistic standards.

The Solution

Starting in 2017, structuring this news site meant working in seamless refactored coding web development to integrate the various apps and design elements without risking longer page load times or loss of design functionality.
In addition, capitalizing on the core niche market of this type of news required managing ad campaigns without interrupting their newsflow.

ExportsNews Wouldn’t Trade Their Experience

The Results:

Over the years, not only have we managed to keep the news site flourishing with form and functionality, but we’ve also managed to remain the go-to company for all ad campaign and web maintenance needs as well as succeeded in boosting SEO and brand awareness.

310% Increase in sessions
75% Increase in transactions
88% Increase in conversation rate
ExportsNews Wouldn’t Trade Their Experience
ExportsNews Wouldn’t Trade Their Experience
ExportsNews Wouldn’t Trade Their Experience
ExportsNews Wouldn’t Trade Their Experience

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