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Laura Lee Cosmetics

Laura Ann Lee began her career as a make-up blogger in 2013. The American make-up artist, YouTuber, entrepreneur, and blogger then founded and launched her own brand, Laura Lee Los Angeles, without any investor or outside assistance in 2017. She turned to ULS for support with her website, online store, and social media promos!

She is also now the founder and owner of curated fashion brand Nudie Patootie thanks to the success of Laura Lee Los Angeles.

The Plan:

To make all of Laura’s hard work accessible to her fanbase, designing a Shopify configuration that spoke to her vegan, cruelty free design aesthetic held highest importance. Installing applications would require refactored coding to improve the structure of her site without compromising on fashionable function.

To help get the site rank in search engines, the next step was boosting SEO and building on audience momentum Laura created by running and managing social media promotions.

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Hear More From Laura Lee!

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Hear More From Laura Lee!

The ULS Approach:

The Challenge

The main focus for Laura was building an eCommerce website that both maintained the same look and feel her millions of followers came to adore while also housing each of her latest products. The mission was to create a seamless experience balancing style, beauty, and function.

The Solution

Starting in 2017, we helped craft an image-centric, smooth scrolling design to showcase Laura’s products while integrating her Shopify configuration for a cohesive, intuitive shopping experience.

On the backend, installing applications and code refactoring anchor the design aesthetic without sacrificing load times or visual impact.

To further the launch into the powerhouse the brand is today, we ran and managed social media promotions. We also made sure the site was packed with SEO to rank on the front page of search engines.


The Results:

Not only is Laura Lee Los Angeles a thriving cosmetics brand, but this smash success has enabled Laura to also start a new company named after her best-selling eye palette: Nudie Patootie! Her new company centers around curated fashion, which is yet another dream Laura was able to realize through the success of her cosmetics line. Simply put, eCommerce sites are dream builders!

45% Increase in sessions
33% Increase in transactions
11% Increase in conversation rate

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