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Manny MUA Of Lunar Beauty

Makeup artist and beauty expert Manny MUA is a pioneer in the cosmetics industry and wildly popular influencer known for consistently blurring the lines of gender with hilariously relatable YouTube videos and making history as the first male face of Maybelline Cosmetics! With Lunar Beauty, Manny designs beautiful custom cosmetics and fosters an inclusive community for all to feel beautiful! Lunar Beauty is a place for the imagination to run wild and for anyone to be anything and everything they’ve ever dreamed they could be.

The Plan:

Designing a Shopify configuration that aligned with Manny’s “out of this world” aesthetic was crucial while also maintaining and extending the sense of community and relatability quintessential to Manny’s vision. Installing applications to improve the structure of the site to house multiple kinds of products required refactored coding to showcase everything beautifully without compromising on fashionable function. Building on the powerhouse presence Manny generated on YouTube meant optimizing every bit of the site with SEO in content and structure phases and amping social media reach with promotions.

Here’s Manny!

Check out what Manny had to share about working with USA Link System!

Here’s Manny!

“We always got custom templates for each release, and we loved the designs ULS team provided”

Here’s Manny!

The ULS Approach:

The Challenge

With an iconoclastic powerhouse like Manny, the primary goal was to create a digital experience that both mirrored the existing content to help audiences feel like it was familiar and on-brand while still innovating to the next level as Manny’s popularity continues to skyrocket to interplanetary levels! With such a broad frontier to tackle, distilling the vision to a dreamy experience that also served as a sturdy sales portal was key to achieving revenue-boosting balance.

The Solution

In 2018, we helped capture Manny’s whimsically wonderful brand with designs and marketing collateral that rocketed the brand to new heights! Integrating a dreamy Shopify configuration with modern design details helped underscore an elegant, intuitive shopping experience. On the backend, we installed applications using refactored coding to underpin the otherworldly design aesthetic without sacrificing site load times or overall visual impact. To further the launch into the powerhouse the brand is today, we ran and managed social media promotions. We also made sure the site was packed with SEO to rank on the front page of search engines.


The Results:

Lunar Beauty continues to thrill fans and help users translate their dream self expressions through makeup. The website is a go-to destination for all things Lunar Beauty with new launches on the way!

55% Increase in sessions
41% Increase in transactions
21% Increase in conversation rate

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