Bike on! 3 Inspirational Bike Ads that You Didn’t Know Existed

Bike on! 3 Inspirational Bike Ads that You Didn’t Know Existed

Social | May 11, 2020

Biking is one of America’s favorites pastimes. Some ride bikes, motorcycles or bicycles, as a form of exercise, leisurely ride along the coast, sports, or adventure.

Whether we love watching Tour de France or MotoGP or just enjoy the pleasure of biking, we don’t see as many ads or commercials as its 4-wheeled cousins.

Bikers aren’t portrayed as heroes in movies. Bike ads aren’t designed to look sexy and appealing.

We refuse to believe that bikes and bikers are underrepresented in the media.

So, we dug deep and found some amazing and diverse selection of inspirational bike ads.  


In 2005, America’s favorite motorcycle manufacturer released its “Build Yours” print campaign. Brock Davis and Eric Sorensen use Harley-Davidson parts and accessories to create an ad that motorcycles can be tailored to its owners.  

The print ad features portraits of bike owners using Harley-Davidson parts and accessories.

The ad oozes with personality and creativity that not only won the hearts of bikers, but also the Cannes Lion, an international festival of creativity.

Stromer ST2

We seldom see bike ads in general, but it’s rarer to find a bike commercial that portrays bikes and bikers with class and elegance. But we found a bike ad that exudes these qualities, and it’s an electric bike.

Stromer is a Swiss company that manufactures electric bikes. The video ad Stromer released resembles that of luxury cars that show prestige, style, and sophistication.

The ad shows a young professional starting his morning routine and riding his Stromer ST2 to work. The young man, like in many car ads, get the attention of the opposite sex.

The commercial is bringing the oomph to the biking industry, while also exhibiting the bike’s sleek frame and unique features.

Stromer increased its growth by 60.1


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