Success Metrics: 4 Customer Types You Need to Know

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Success Metrics: 4 Customer Types You Need to Know

Industry | Nov 29, 2021

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Knowing who your customers are, what their preferences are, what they want or need and how they go about getting those wants or needs fulfilled is vital knowledge if you want to serve them well.

Why Bother Learning Customer Types?

It’s simple. When you have this information, you can create marketing strategies tailor-made for them, translating into more profits for your business.


What are the 4 Types of Clients?

There might be many different kinds of shoppers, but inevitably most fit broadly into one of the following 4 categories.


Type 1: The Wanderer

We’ve all done some window shopping at least once in our lives. This means we’ve all been the wandering customer at some point. They produce arguably the largest amount of traffic yet result in the lowest number of sales.

However, this high traffic does produce a high volume of questions. This special type of customer will check out all the products, ask multiple questions, and demand price quotes, but most often it’s for nothing. You may be better off limiting the attention you give them, especially if you’ve got other customers more willing to buy.


Type 2: The Discount Seeker

This customer is the type you get mainly when you offer discounts or have a sale. However, once that sales offer reels them in, they have a high chance of buying other non-discounted products or services.

This type of customer can be a great way of boosting revenue and generating some much-needed traffic and awareness for your brand.


Type 3: The Impulse Buyer

Some people shop just to scratch an itch. After all, there’s no sorrow that a little retail therapy can’t fix, at least temporarily. This type of customer often shops without having anything specific in mind. If you’ve got good customer relation skills, this is the type of customer you can convince to buy anything. Get them talking and treat them with extra care. They’ll cave soon enough.

Type 4: The Loyalist

Last but not least, you’ve got loyal customers. These customers are frequent flyers, so to speak, who love your brand and what you have to offer and return often. These customers keep your business running and bring in the most profit. It pays to treat them with utmost respect and attention to keep them loyal.


Relationships are Everything in Business

Granted, knowing who your customers are and what type they fall under isn’t a magic bullet. You’ve still got to market to them effectively––or know when to fold ‘em––depending on their type. But every business must start somewhere, and learning these different client types can help you establish your baseline and formulate a marketing plan.

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