Sure-Fire Last-Minute Marketing Ideas for Small Business this Valentine’s

Sure-Fire Last-Minute Marketing Ideas for Small Business this Valentine’s

Social | Feb 12, 2020

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. It's an opportunity for small businesses to engage consumers with holiday-themed campaigns. But sometimes small business owners are too busy working that they forget to create marketing campaigns.

The projected spending this Valentine’s Day is $27.4 billion, a whopping 32% increase from 2019’s $20.7 billion. On a consumer level, people are willing to spend close to $200 on average to celebrate the holiday.

That’s a lot of money people are spending on their partners, friends, or pets. Don’t get left behind. Here are 7 simple ways to add some Valentine spark to your brand's social media.

Send a Special V-Day Newsletter

When planning your newsletter, blend in the Valentine theme into your email subject line, messaging, and design. Write a charming subject line that plays on a popular love song. Make sure your main message matches your subject line. Keep in mind, don't write a subject line sounds spammy.

Post Something "Romantic" Your Social Media

Get yourself and your followers into the groove by creating Valentine's Day related posts. Make sure that the image you're posting also resonates with your brand.

Send Valentine’s Day Cards

It's a classic gesture, a throwback for sure, but sending your loyal customers physical cards lets them know you care.

Engage Your Followers

Share a personal love story, and then ask your followers to share their love stories. This is a great way to build brand trust and reliability. Stories don't need to be romantic; you also don't want to antagonize your other followers.

Show Some Appreciation to the Singles

We're not all in a relationship. When creating Valentine's Day campaigns, keep in mind to also address the singles and not just the couples. Create unique offers that will attract all the singles that follow you on social.

Last-Minute Gift Guide

We all have that one friend who waits until the last minute to plan their date or buy their gifts. Create a gift guide that includes your products/services and paired with complementary products/services.

Run a Valentine’s Contest

Running Valentine’s Day contest on your social media channels is a great way to engage your followers! It can be a simple giveaway so it wouldn't take much out of your marketing budget. you can give away a gift card for dinner for two at a nice restaurant.

Valentine's is all about showing love. Whatever you're planning to do this Valentine’s Day, make sure you're showing your followers how much you appreciate them.


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