What’s Your Brand’s New Year’s Resolution?

What’s Your Brand’s New Year’s Resolution?

The holidays are here, which means that it’s almost time to plan out our New Year’s resolution. You’ve seen your social media and email marketing grow in 2019. You improved your marketing analytics and consumer engagement, but 2020 is the year to further improve your online presence. Begin planning your marketing strategy and build your own 2020 New Year’s resolution with these helpful tips.

Serious Self-Criticism

Look deep into your last year’s marketing strategy. Digital marketing is a science that has its ebbs and flows. There is no exact reason for a perfect marketing campaign. The only thing you can do is to dissect last year’s strategy and learn from it. Don’t be scared. Be fearless and dance like you’re dancing in your bedroom. Examine your strategy’s strengths and weaknesses. Think of ways to solidify the flaws to create a more effective plan.

Be Open to New Ideas

Once you’ve looked into all the nooks and crannies of your strategy, it’s time to open the doors to your imagination. Great ideas don’t fall from the heavens. Great ideas come from everywhere, even the most random place you can think of. Did you accidentally watch a YouTube ad that caught your attention and liked it? That’s a source of inspiration to start from for the next year’s marketing strategy. No matter where you get your ideas from, start thinking of ways on how this idea, this concept can elevate your brand.

In the same light, relate important KPIs to your staff members. Show them the company’s annual achievements and express gratitude for playing an important role in this progress. When employees are empowered, they might just have creative and imaginative ideas that could work wonders for your marketing resolution.

Zone in on What’s Important

Got all the tools and inspiration you need? You know your strengths and weaknesses, and you’ve gathered all the inspiration you need. Now it’s time to focus on creating opportunities for next year’s strategy. Do you need to focus on boosting your social media ads or improving your banner ads? Is it cleaning up and refining your SEO? Or do you need to focus on creating more engaging content?

Carry Out Your Plan

This is not a regular resolution you promise yourself like eating healthier and going to the gym. This is your brand’s lifeline for the coming year. Go all-in on planning your marketing strategy, and make it happen. Revisit the previous year’s marketing tools and strategy and implement new ones and provide better tracking. When planning your resolution, make sure to define your brand identity and brand guidelines. This will be crucial to implementing your marketing resolution.

Need help figuring out your digital marketing resolution? Send us a message. We offer consultation services to measure your strengths, weaknesses, and identify opportunities your brand should focus on in 2020.

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