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Leading companies by ensuring its resilience during the COVID-19 outbreak.

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ULS is doing everything possible to protect its staff and clients and is trying to provide up-to-date information on the coronavirus pandemic. We understand that, like many other companies, your business may face unforeseen challenges. We want to support you by any means possible in this difficult time.

Helping small businesses thrive

Donate to our GoFundMe that supports our online forum and live text support!

helping small businesses

Live Small Business Support Forum

We’re hosting a weekly live forum to support small businesses in these unprecedented times. Join our online community.

helping small businesses

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Question about digital marketing? Send them to our HOT text support line, (213) 306-3144. It’s FREE!

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COVID19 Small Business Aid: Marketing & Development

We’re stepping up to help the small business community, and we need your help! USA Link System (ULS) is a digital marketing startup in Glendale, CA. We know the value and importance of small businesses in our economy because we are one of them. Now, we’re raising money to assist and educate small businesses as they adapt to our current situation.

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5 steps you can take today

step 1


Take care of yourself and observe the situation.

Stay up to date with all the latest and breaking news. Pay close attention to reliable sources such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and your local health department so you can respond faster to changes that may affect you or your clients.

step 2


Keep in touch with customers.

Share important information with customers via email, company website, and social media accounts. Include information on measures you’re taking to protect your staff, products, consumers, and your community.

step 3


Host online events.

Instead of postponing or canceling scheduled events as a result of the coronavirus outbreak, organize webinars or online seminars using social networks.

step 4


Develop a customer service plan.

To quickly respond to customers’ needs during this difficult time, prepare for best-case and worst-case scenarios to serve them.

step 5


Prepare a list of frequently asked questions.

Provide your team with a list of answers to questions customers may ask and give as much information so that your answers are as comprehensive as possible.

Who We Are

USA Link System is an agency that provides internet marketing strategies to businesses, big or small. We offer content marketing, web development, and social media management. Our creative process revolves around the needs of our clients, and we always walk the extra mile for them because we love what we do.

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Flexible pricing

A digital marketing strategy is an intersection of services that your business needs now. We provide customisable packages that fit our clients’ needs. Choose from bundled packages to specific services to increase your online presence.

Market segmentation

Define your target audience for a more effective way to reach them. Our segmentation strategy allows you to see which demographic you should focus on.

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Market segmentation

Define your target audience for a more effective way to reach them. Our segmentation strategy allows you to see which demographic you should focus on.

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Successful strategies

You want what’s best for your brand, and you deserve it. Our integrated marketing communication strategy revolves around delivering the best measurable results for our clients.

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Small Business Administration

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) coronavirus resource page provides a list of relief programs, and it offers guidance to small business owners during this crisis.

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Let’s get through this together. We can help.


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