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Custom Influencer Marketing Package

Influencer Social Media Strategy

Influencers influence follower buying habits, and their marketing share only continues to grow! Let our experts tailor your influencer social media strategy so you can cash in on this growing trend!

  • We create a tailored influencer marketing strategy based on your needs, budget, and goals.
  • We identify a marketing persona and tailor it to your ideal customer, interest, and age group.
  • We conduct research for product placement and presentation to identify the best influencer for getting your brand the best results.

Custom Option

  • Influencer Marketing Strategy-See How Influencers Fit Into Your Brand Vision

  • Influencer Media Kit-Inspire Influencers with Content They Can Connect With

  • Marketing Persona Identification-Understand Your Ideal Audience Before Adding Influencers

  • Influencer Matchmaking-Find Ideal Influencer Affiliates For Your Brand Success!

  • Influencers List-Up to 15 Influencers Matching Your Brand’s Unique Voice and Vision


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