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Custom Social Media Package

Social Media Management

Are you overwhelmed by social media? Don’t know where to start with building or managing your brand’s social media presence? Don’t worry! This package covers it all:

Custom Option

  • Social Media Platform Management-The Perfect Plan for Every Platform

    • Instagram

    • Facebook

    • LinkedIn

    • Twitter

    • Pinterest

    • Yelp

  • Comprehensive Ads Report-Easily Monitor Campaign Progress

  • Social Media Ads Management Package-Build Brand Presence and Boost Sales

  • All About Ads-The More, The Merrier!

    • Up to 2 ads per campaign

    • Up to 3 ads per campaign

    • Up to 4 ads per campaign

    • Up to 5 ads per campaign

    • Up to 6 ads per campaign

    • Up to 7 ads per campaign


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