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Nonprofit marketing your organization needs

Are you a new nonprofit organization or one of the many local charities helping people in need? ULS is giving marketing and IT support for nonprofit organizations that benefit underserved communities. We’re offering a few hours a week at a special rate to develop a nonprofit digital marketing strategy that works for your organization. It’s our way of giving back to the community.

Why is marketing important for nonprofit organizations?
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Who We Are

USA Link System is a creative advertising and marketing firm that assists nonprofits in entering into the digital world and social networking sites. Our creators dedicate a portion of our time and energy to developing social media campaigns and the best nonprofit marketing strategies to boost your online presence. Like you, we are driven and passionate people who always give our 100% to our projects.

what we do

Flexible pricing

We know funds may sometimes be an issue, so we’re providing help for nonprofit organizations. We created several plans you and your team can choose from. We even offer a la carte services.

Banner ADS

How to promote your nonprofit organization easily? This is the fastest way to reach out to your target audience. We include thorough research on best digital marketing for nonprofits practices to implement for your ads to appear at the right time and moment.

Digital advertising campaign

It’s time to get social! Boost your visibility on Facebook and Instagram and other top social media sites. We create organic and paid advertising campaigns that ensure your good deeds reach the right communities via social media marketing for nonprofits.

It’s time to be ahead of the game!

Our way of giving back

ULS knows how to support a nonprofit organization. We know your work is important to you. That’s why we provide all your nonprofit marketing needs. So, you can focus on delivering the services you provide to your community without worrying about your online presence.


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Engage with us! Get to know our perspectives on the latest technology, design, lifestyle, and all the trends in between. We provide our readers with quality content that is both informative and entertaining.

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