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Social Media Packages

Social Media Management

We’ll manage your Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Yelp 3-7x posts per week (based on social media platforms selected) Comprehensive reports Social media content calendar
Research Planning Monitoring social media platforms
$900.00 Monthly
Add on

Social Ads Management

Build internet presence and brand recognition Run your social media ads on a variety of platforms: Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Yelp
Up to 7 ads per campaign
+ $360.00

This excludes ad assets and the actual budget for the ads themselves, and the client sets the budget.

Double your growth and sales with social ads that your audience relates to through our social ads management.

Additional service

Pre-marketing cost of research and strategy.

Competitive analysis Mood board Social media strategy based on the platforms chosen
+ $500.00

Note: Our team can design the assets at our standard rate. *See pricing table in the Standard Prices table below. Displayed pricing does not include the required budget for advertisements themselves.

We do it for you! Engage your clients where they are at all times without breaking a sweat with our social media management package.

Social Media Packages

Our social media package for small business is an essential service originating from the relationship between the activities needed to promote businesses on social platforms and the lack of time required to deal with account management alone. We support, develop and increase your business' presence on social media.

Our team generates engaging data-based content that connects with and intrigues your target audience. Our specialists ensure you maintain a positive online reputation, an excellent plus for thriving brands in the digital world. Our social media assistance lightens up the heavy workload for many small business owners. The social media management tools we employ, some of which are integrated within social platforms, guarantee you practical strategies that add value to your brand. We don't just save you time. We take care of your business.

Social media is continually changing at a fast pace. Algorithms and management tools have new updates that need to be implemented often. To perform at a high level with improved sales, revenues, and promotions, it’s necessary to adapt quickly to these changes.

Our social media specialists are trained pros who have worked with influencers and other content creators. We bring in our know-how and expertise to produce proactive social media packages to market your business, digitally or traditionally.

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