3 Reasons to Promote Your E-commerce Site on Amazon Ads

3 Reasons to Promote Your E-commerce Site on Amazon Ads

Trends | Mar 08, 2021

Facebook and Instagram ads aren’t driving the traffic you hoped for. 

While there’s no doubt that most consumers are on Facebook, Instagram, or other social media networks, they steer away from ads because many people on these platforms are connecting and engaging with family or friends.

You find yourself searching for more ways to promote your eCommerce business. That’s great! Being a proactive business owner in today’s world is what guarantees a successful company.

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But have you thought of Amazon as a place to promote your online company? As your next-door marketing agency, we’re here today to share with you why Amazon Ads are better for your eCommerce business. 


3 reasons it’s worth it to advertise on Amazon

They have a captured audience

Amazon is a great site to place ads to promote your business, product, or services.

With more than 300 million active shoppers worldwide, your brand has higher chances of getting seen and noticed by potential customers. There are 126 million Amazon Prime members in the US alone, and they’re growing by the day.

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44% of online shoppers start their research on Amazon. They have a higher chance of purchasing online than casual consumers who search on Google and social media ads.

With Amazon ads, you’re not only on a platform to improve your brand awareness but raise the chances of selling your products or services because they are placed at key moments when consumers are ready to commit to a purchase. 

They are trustworthy

Like it or not, it’s true. Amazon ads are considered to be more trustworthy than other sites and social media platforms. When consumers see online reviews about your brand or your merchandise, they are easier to sway towards your way to convince them to click the buy now button.

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Seeing real people sharing real reviews of brands and merchandise increases a shopper’s potential to buy. 82% of shoppers read online reviews to help their decision-making.

They have several ads types to work with

If you’re a small business with a limited budget, Amazon offers various ads that fit your needs. When your Amazon ads are clicked, they’ll be redirected to your eCommerce site.

A more popular way to promote your product is Product Display ads. This ad shows up on customer review pages or as a suggested item that’s similar to a previous purchase.

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Advertising on social media does wonders when it comes to raising awareness about your brand or eCommerce site. But promoting your site on Amazon puts you in a position to engage online shoppers who are actively searching for a product to buy. 

Are you ready to step up and invest in your eCommerce site? Let’s talk! Let our creative team help you plan and develop a strategy that includes researching high-quality keywords and engaging images that your target audience can relate to.

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