What Is An Audience Profile In Social Media And How To Build It

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What Is An Audience Profile In Social Media And How To Build It

Industry | Sep 14, 2021

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Your audience is full of your potential customers, but if you aren’t tuned into your audience’s wants and needs, expect your brand growth to stall.

Audience profiles are a great way to translate input from your audience into effective information that sets you apart from the competition while creating meaningful connections between your brand and customers.

If you’re asking yourself what is an audience profile sheet?, then you certainly aren’t alone. While 92% of marketing experts say they use personalization in marketing, only 55% of them feel like they have enough information to execute their plans to connect with customers. To bridge this data gap, look to building an audience profile.

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Why Do I Need an Audience Profile?

Building an audience profile is a lot like socializing with humans in real life. Crafting an audience profile means getting into the minds of viewers of your marketing campaign and determining what it will take for your desired action to take place. Finding a way to compile information without being intrusive or overbearing takes nuance and knowledge of the right tools to get a clear picture of your clients.

What is an Audience Profile?

What information is included in an audience profile? An audience profile is not a buyer persona, nor is it your target market. While buyer personas help you outline your ideal customer and your target market is like your general scope for your brand, audience profiles are about determining the specific type of person who will be influenced by a certain campaign you run to purchase or encourage someone else to purchase.

How Do I Build an Audience Profile?

Several data sets combine into an ideal audience profile. While it can seem labor intensive on the front end, building an audience profile will strengthen your marketing efforts and ensure campaigns make a lasting impact.

Gather Data

Unless you clicked “Publish” on your company’s website and are starting to reserve social media handles for your brand, then you already have information that can help you build an audience profile. Each like and share is more than a vanity metric. Engagement with your materials is what leads to purchases and brand awareness. Look back on your previous posts to see what it is about your content or product that drew in customers. If you’ve run ad campaigns before, the same idea applies. General calls to action with unoriginal designs likely prompted generalized results. A simple adjustment with your audience profile in mind will help tailor sales pitches to feel less general and more personal, which prompts buyers to choose your brand.

Find Common Ground

Sometimes it can be hard to see the forest for the trees, and the same can be said of an audience and its members. An important tip to remember when approaching gathering data is that humans are complex creatures. There is more to customer behavior than age, location, education, and occupation/income. No factor is too big or small to make your audience profile more precise. Remember, people are moved by core values, personality traits, and personalized goals and needs. Each of these details factors into larger elements like preferred media channels and how to best connect given these unique aspects.

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Ask the Audience!

Sometimes the simple answer can be the most effective. Try hosting polls on social media, offering a discount for completing a short survey, or create a forum for customers to leave comments, reviews, and suggestions. When creating these elements, make sure to have specific informational goals for each outreach tool in order to have quality, usable data directly from the source! At the same time, these are additional efforts to connect with the audience and build trust. At the same time, you’ll be figuring out what an audience profile means for your social media by seeing who responds to which types of outreach most often.

Bonus Tip!

Using the information is even more important than gathering it. This information about your audience needs to dramatically impact your next campaign for it to be of any value. It can be difficult to both provide quality products and services while also determining the best marketing metrics. That’s why we here at ULS pride ourselves in helping small and medium sized businesses manage the workload without breaking the budget or dealing with onboarding. Let USA Link System do the heavy lifting! Reach out to us today.

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