4 Common UX Challenges Businesses Face

4 Common UX Challenges Businesses Face

Trends | Jan 17, 2019

Your web content is SEO-ready, and your design is on point. But somehow you still feel like the money you invested on your website is not enough. Consumers are not using your website.

If they visit your website, they only stay for a short time. The issue you're experiencing relates to your website's User Experience (UX) design.

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What is UX Design?

UX design’s ultimate purpose is to serve consumers a more palatable online experience. UX design takes on a product with a holistic approach. From the conceptualization to a product’s integration, UX designers find meaning and add value to a product that consumers would positively respond to, which includes design, functionality, and branding.

What are Common UX Challenges Businesses Face?

  • A webpage that refreshes every time you update a filter – You want to find the perfect pair of boots, so you head over to your favorite online shopping website. The problem is whenever you update the filter, the website refreshes back to the top, and you have to scroll back down to look at shoes or update filters. This often leads to online shoppers using other websites with more functionality.
  • Links that don’t open in a new tab – Have you gone on a website where you are reading an article that suggests a new link to read, but once you click the link, the original website you’re reading redirects to a new webpage? Many users get irritated when their online reading is disrupted when they are redirected to a new webpage.
  • Not updating out of stock items instantly – You found the shirt you’ve been searching for days and weeks. You’re all hyped up, but once you select the color or size you need, it’s out of stock. Websites that function like this lose many consumers because they don’t trust unreliable web pages. Consumers would look for more reliable sites that inform its users in real time.
  • Confusing navigation – Ever go on a website that is not user-friendly? Browsing that website can be very confusing. Some have unclear or missing call-to-action buttons, or the brand logo does not take you back to the homepage. Also, there are websites that are simply not intuitive. Many businesses with these issues, more often than not, lose potential business.

Luckily, web and mobile app developers are always at the forefront of fixing these challenges. UX designers at digital marketing agencies find the answer to what, why, and how of product use. They analyze consumer behavior and statistics to provide solutions that help businesses better serve their users. UX designers create and develop websites that deliver a better user interface for all.

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