5 Effective Tips to Market Your Candidate

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5 Effective Tips to Market Your Candidate

Trends | Nov 27, 2019

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If you haven’t noticed the high influx of political pamphlets and flyers in your mailbox, let us remind you that it’s campaign season. Many established and aspiring politicians are targeting their constituents by both traditional and digital means.

Politicians and their teams plan which medium to use when sending out print ads, street banners, postcards, or utilizing their web banners, websites, and pay-per-click ads on social media platforms.

Working on campaigns can be very daunting and baffling, especially for newcomers in the political realm. For the most part, candidates reposition or realign themselves to certain policies, groups, political movements, that they think is conducive to their campaign’s success.

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Are you thinking of running for office in the next election or any special elections in your neighborhood but don’t have the political machinery to back your campaign? Maybe you’re a seasoned politician looking for ways to broaden your audience. We’ve prepared 5 tips to help market yourself or your candidate.


Make an impression, quick! When branding a candidate, the priority is to create a sense of trustworthiness. Create branding guidelines that define fonts, colors, and logo usage. Yes, these things matter. Engage the entire team and work with marketing agencies to create a winning strategy.

Tell a Story

You’ve heard this before – When telling a story, it should answer the who, what, why, where, and when. As you create your candidate’s story make sure to answer these questions and that it matches the branding guidelines. By telling your candidate’s story, voters should feel like they are getting to know the candidate. So, avoid a language that sounds like a sales pitch.

Genuine Website

Many voters want to make informed decisions, and they use the power of the Internet to research political candidates. Make sure you have a functioning website that is mobile-friendly and has all the information every voter needs to read to get to know your candidate.

Content is Key

Now that you have your branding, story, and website all set up, it’s time to focus on your content. One of the tricks to successful content is always keeping it fresh. If websites have static content, traffic will stagnate. Consider incorporating blog posts and adding infographics about your candidate, his/her potential constituents, and policies s/he will be proposing.

Social Media

Everyone’s using it! Your niece, your nephew, and your grandparents are all on at least one social media platform or the other. Your candidate should too! Having an active social media profile allows your candidate to connect and interact with people. It allows voters to see a different side of your candidate.

Consider all these tips to help fundraise and raising awareness. While they may sound a lot to accomplish, getting a head start on all these will greatly impact your candidate’s bid on any election.

For further assistance and consultation, send us a message. We can help you with social media political campaigns and traditional media such as postcards, brochures, flyers, and street signs and banners.

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