5 Insider Tips for Dynamic Video Marketing

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5 Insider Tips for Dynamic Video Marketing

Brand | May 09, 2022

Aren’t you glad you listened to future you?

If you’re not sure why you should go through the effort of consistently crafting digital storytelling as a key part of your video marketing strategy, check out these five tips!

Tip 1 – Educate Customers – Show ‘Em What You Got!

Have you, let’s say, created alternative health and wellness products or an unusual telehealth platform that needs some explanation? Explainer videos have the potential to telegraph every nuance you want to communicate to potential clients about who you are and what you offer.

Take advantage of video to fully unpack your product details, origin story, and client testimonials. If what you’re offering is innovative or would simply benefit from a fuller context that helps people understand you better, use video marketing storytelling techniques.

video content marketing

Tip 2 – Build Trust by Being Consistent

Out of all the social media platforms, which one really feels like you? Which one is aligned with your brand? Can you post your social media videos on a regular schedule?

This creates a consistent presence, conveys professionalism, indicates that you’re in it for the long haul, and that you can be counted on to deliver. Your consistent video marketing not only delivers content, it beams out a subtle message about reliability.

social media marketing

Tip 3 – Transform Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Oh, the clicks and opens you’ll get.

Video is vastly more engaging than only text and images. Consider using email campaigns as the canvas for your new video marketing strategy and you will find you get massively higher engagement and will start to build a fan base. Emails are more fun when they have movement (and seem less interesting when they’re static. We warned you.)

email marketing

Tip 4 – Branding – Capture Tone Through Digital Storytelling

Some of the powerful tools you’ll have access to when using video, whether it’s for email marketing or a social media campaign, are lighting, videography, sound, music, location choice, script writing, clothing, accessories, and casting. For each one of those tools, you have a universe of choices.

Using them in a cohesive way will offer you so much latitude to convey a specific tone. Is your brand friendly, luxurious, or egalitarian? Does it look down home, futuristic, or powerful? What’s the temperature, warm or professional?

You can broadcast your brand promise and become familiar to your audience.

story telling

Tip 5 – Rank Higher in Google – Boost Your SEO

Websites with video consistently rank higher, generating more traffic for you. The key is to produce high quality videos. People will linger on your site, and that increases your SEO, and helps with conversions.


Bonus Video Marketing Tip! – Repurposing is Your Friend

Do you ever give talks at industry events, are they recorded, and can you get permission to use them to promote your business? How about podcasts that are also shot on video?

You can use these video marketing ideas on social media, in a promotional campaign, on your website’s landing page, and in email campaigns.


Feel Inspired?

We hope so. It’s never too late to readjust your goals and add video marketing into the mix.

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