6 Ads to Get You Through Your COVID-19 Blues

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6 Ads to Get You Through Your COVID-19 Blues

Trends | Apr 14, 2020

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Super Bowl LIV seems like it was eons ago, but it’s only been two months since we last talked about the Chiefs winning and J. Lo’s performance.

If there’s one more thing to be thankful for the Super Bowl weekend since we’ve been self-isolating at home, it’s the pool of fun ads we got to watch and see.

While many of us have been practicing social distancing, working from home, and sheltering in place, there has also been a major shift from brands when it comes to their ad campaigns. Many of which are empathetic ads geared towards people’s safety and health and appreciating all essential workers.

Maybe we’re all looking for something light to watch or something inspirational. Whatever it may be, these 6 ads will make you laugh and smile and inspire you to do good.

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Super Bowl LIV Ads

Mountain Dew

We all know Bryan Cranston is an amazing actor. Thanks to the groundbreaking show, Breaking Bad! In this Mountain Dew “Zero Sugar” commercial, Cranston recreates one of the iconic scenes from the “The Shining” where  Jack Torrance is breaking through the bathroom door to get to Tracee Ellis Ross (Black-ish). Cranston uses an ax just like Torrance in the film to hand Ellis Ross a bottle of Mountain Dew. The ad ends with Cranston portraying the two girls along the hallway in a hilarious homage to the 1980 blockbuster film.

Rocket Mortgage (Jason Momoa)

What’s it like to be Jason Momoa? The Rocket Mortgage Super Bowl ad gives us a glimpse into Aquaman’s life behind the scenes. The ad shows Momoa walking into his house slowly peeling off his muscles showing bare skin and bones and ends with him removing his wig and revealing his balding head. Within minutes, Jason Momoa becomes an instant trend and meme. The video ends with skinny Momoa struggling to bench press an empty barbell bar.

Kia (Josh Jacobs)

NFL running back Josh Jacobs partners with Kia to create an inspiring story of true grit and determination. In the commercial, Jacobs is seen driving in a Kia Seltos providing sage advice to his younger self to never give up. This powerful commercial shows that there are Super Bowl ads with a heart that inspires viewers to chase their dreams.

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COVID-19-related Ads

IBM Twitter Ad

Tech giant IBM has also taken a firm stand in support of the #StayAtHome initiative. In a simple tweet, “In times like these, it’s more important than ever to come together. IBM is proud to join the #StayHome initiative to encourage everyone to stay home if you can to help slow the spread of COVID-19. Together we can save lives. #AloneTogether” The tweet shows a brief message urging everyone to stay home whether we tested positive of COVID-19 or not. The video provides a link to people to get all the coronavirus updates.


For the most part, we all love beer, and we’ve shared a pint of Guinness with a friend. In their commercial for this year’s St. Patrick’s Day, they ask everyone to stay strong and to stick together. They advise us to “stay safe and be good to one another.” Guinness, through its Guinness Gives Back Fund, committed $500,000 to help communities where they live and work.


Captain Obvious is a man of few words, but convincing, nonetheless. Hotels.com is a website that depends on travelers booking hotel reservations for their vacation. In a brave and risky move, they urge everyone to stay home in the most Captain Obvious fashion.

Which one’s your favorite 2020 commercial so far?

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