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App Store Optimization

SEO | Apr 07, 2019

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We know of Search Engine Optimization or SEO, and how it helps boost a website’s results page ranking. But have you heard of App Store Optimization (ASO)?

In a nutshell, ASO is very similar to SEO in a way that it helps your brand or your mobile app more discoverable in app stores like iTunes or Google Play.

With more than 1 million mobile apps out in the market, you will encounter difficulties getting your app recognized or discovered.

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Here are some useful tips to help polish your approach when it comes to App Store Optimization.

What is App Store Optimization?

App Store Optimization ensures your mobile app rises to the top of a results page. ASOs main goal is to get consumers to download your app. However, there are also other beneficial goals which include:

  • Engaging with consumers
  • Leaving app reviews and ratings
  • More brand exposure

How to Optimize My Mobile App?

  • Get to know your consumers – Put yourself in your consumers’ shoes. Understand their reasons for using your app. How would they describe your app to their friends? What separates you from your competitors? These are essential ideas and questions to ask yourself when you’re thinking of optimizing your app.
  • Have the right app name – It’s all in the name. Complement your app’s unique name with relevant keywords. Typically, you can use up to 255 characters for titles. Use them wisely!
  • Use keywords – Research relevant keywords or keyword phrases to add to your title and descriptions. Different app stores provide different character limits. The keywords you use for your title and description, however, must reflect natural language your consumers can read, follow, and understand.
  • Detailed description – Your description must target your audience. It must be detailed and compelling and must have a call-to-action. While it’s understood that you need to be detailed when describing your app, you must keep in mind to describe how your app works in simple language.
  • Unique icon – Rise above a sea of mobile apps by having an iconic design. The keywords that you’ll be using will help get your app to the top of the results page, but your icon will catch your consumers’ attention.
  • Add screenshots of the app – While words will certainly help your targeted audience understand and get to know your app better, adding 2-4 screenshots of the app in the description can give them a better idea of how your product/service can be useful to them. The images you select should be the most important sections of your app.
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