Beauty Brands and the Power of Video Marketing

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Beauty Brands and the Power of Video Marketing

Social | Dec 22, 2021

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These experiences can oftentimes directly translate into more sales, which makes video marketing not just popular, but effective.

Why Hop on the Video Bandwagon?

In the age of the Internet, social media is the first place people look to explore and buy new things.

Apps like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram are few of the fan favorites that use the power of video marketing to promote brands and products.

Instagram and Tiktok users utilize the services of influencers to promote their favorite products and services, alongside paid advertising.

Many of these products and services see a boost in sales as a result. After all, if it didn’t work, it wouldn’t be nearly as popular!

For instance, official accounts that are linked to beauty brands may only garner 3% of the total views that are received for beauty products from their marketing efforts.

The remaining 97% are largely gained by individual vloggers talking about those products and services.


Take YouTube as an example. YouTube boasts of almost 88 billion beauty-related videos on its platform.

Most of those videos are created by reviewers, influencers, and makeup artists, while only a small percentage are actually produced by beauty brands.

So YouTube is very much a consumer-centric space.

The reason behind this is that most people want to see honest reviews about trending products.

They also might be looking for tips on the best way of using those products, and––specific to the beauty industry––they might be looking for the most effective makeup and beauty tricks.

The long-format video style of YouTube makes it an ideal platform for video marketing, whether it’s a beauty brand or another type of business.

However, to use video marketing effectively, brands have to keep up with popular vloggers in their industry and build relationships with them in order to work with them.

Some businesses today have even begun sending things like PR packages to popular influencers, so they can review the products before deciding whether to promote them to their audience.

The balance of power has definitely begun to see a shift between brands and influencers, with popular vloggers receiving more benefits than ever in exchange for their voice and support.


Tips to Maximize Your Video Marketing Efforts

There are so many ways to make the most of the video marketing tools at your disposal. Below are a few key areas to start with.



The best way of promoting products––regardless of industry––is to put them into action.
For beauty brands, you can create makeup and beauty-focused tutorials, or you can offer self-care tips designed for various skin types and skin issues.



Testimonials from customers, as well as reviews from influencers and vloggers, can be a great way of humanizing a brand.

You’re more likely to buy something if it is recommended by someone you know, and the same holds true of your audience.


Audience Engagement

Maintain and boost audience engagement by posting content regularly, including content like unboxing videos, swatches of products, and modeling of makeup and attire.
Save those videos on your social media highlights for quick access and so they can be found easily.

Teasers to Maintain Interest

You can also maintain interest and traffic to your brand’s page by posting video teasers and promotional content in between longer video content. Try to keep your content a mix of 80% helpful, useful, and engaging, and only 20% blatantly promotional.


Video Marketing is Here to Stay

It’s clear that video marketing isn’t going anywhere and many brands are using it with extremely successful results. Your brand might as well be one of them!

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