Build Your Own Team of Avengers at Work

Build Your Own Team of Avengers at Work

Culture | Jul 17, 2019

Teamwork, for the most part, is the solution to the many hurdles we face, at home or at work.

We’ve seen it before. Scooby and his ragtag crew of teenagers crack every mystery that comes their way. The Avengers always resolve all the problems they kind of started.

As much as we love these fictional teams, there is no other team right now in the entire world that shows the value of teamwork than the US soccer women’s national team. They have won the FIFA Women’s World Cup two in a row and four times overall. Great teams create a winning culture and will endure trials and hardships.

The situation is similar for businesses. For a company to succeed, the right team must first be in place. You want people who will value your company culture. But the question still remains. How do you find an amazing team that will help grow your business?

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The first step is posting ads on job search websites like Indeed, LinkedIn, or Craigslist (maybe???). Then you set up and sit down for a couple of interviews. Before conducting the interview, read these tips on how to find the perfect candidate for your company.

Problem solver

Swamped with problems, old and new, you want a team member who can come up with creative solutions, instead of catching them stumped or like a deer in headlights.


A little arrogance might be good but should be sprinkled with a lot of humility. An ambitious but humble person will not put themselves above the company or everyone else in the team. They are good listeners who value other people's ideas and opinions.

Risk taker

You want to take your business to new heights. For this, you need people who embrace risks and failures and use these as stepping stones to improve the work. Anyone who can rise above the ashes or overcome obstacles and come out stronger than ever is always a welcome addition to any team.


If there’s a problem, there’s a solution. This is a resourceful person’s mindset. There are certain situations that come up at work that sometimes it feels like it’s beyond one’s paygrade, but it’s not. Instead of staring at a problem, a resourceful person will find ways to solve the situation.


Is the individual a team player? How do they take criticisms? Do they value the truth? Are they honest? These are important questions regarding an applicant’s personality.

Passion pursuer

Find a person who values their passions over financial gain. Passionate people, more often than not, add value to your company. They're more than just a statistic.

Now, not every company can find and hire their own breakfast club overnight. It takes time, effort, and other valuable resources. When it comes to creating your in-house marketing team, finding the people can be difficult especially when we start talking about salary.

When you’re understaffed and need to take the workload off your shoulders, ULS is the digital marketing agency that can help you. We may not be “earth’s mightiest heroes,” but our creative team will help boost your company’s name on top of the search engine results page.

Let us help lift the heavy weight off your shoulders. Check out our pricing packages.

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