Building a Brand Background Strategy

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Building a Brand Background Strategy

Brand | Oct 25, 2021

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Building your brand background gives audiences a way to relate to your products and services while also cultivating trust and willingness to purchase.

In today’s competitive market, your brand timeline is a great way to introduce your brand’s story to audiences in a succinct yet engaging way. Regardless of your brand history, build rapport with our brand strategy guide.

While you know every nook and cranny of your brand and business, audiences have a very limited window of attention for the chance to get to know your brand. Maximize that encounter with a clear brand background and a relatable brand timeline that gives audiences insight into how your brand or service can help them solve problems.

Build Your Brand Timeline

Even if you’re newly in business, showcasing your brand background gives audiences an easy way to relate to your brand. Humans love a good story, even if there isn’t much to tell. What has already happened to your brand in getting started is plenty for showcasing your brand’s beliefs and values. These two core elements of your story are vital in today’s marketplace. With brand loyalty at a low compared to the past, take advantage of that customer openness by showing how your brand history timeline correlates with your customer’s experience.


Timelines Tell a Story

Formatting information about your brand in a chronological story format helps audiences immediately immerse themselves into a relatable timeline and thereby relate more to your storyline. Also, if you’re using marketing segmentation in other advertising tactics (which if you aren’t already, you definitely should be!), your brand timeline and brand background can be a great unifying point of relatable context, since all of us experience things in a chronological order.

Brand Background is Your Origin Story

While your customer should be the hero of your marketing story, your brand history timeline is a backstage pass for audiences to understand how your brand came to be. By building this narrative, you likely have a very human and approachable reason you started your brand. Details like these can spur viewers to choose your brand over a similar one that failed to be willing to connect on a deeper level. Your story doesn’t have to match every audience member’s journey (especially because that’s impossible), but offering a sense of reasoning behind your products or services creates additional context for audiences to imagine using your brand.

Nurture Trust with Transparency

One of the easiest ways to build trust is by being consistently transparent and forthcoming with information. By sharing your brand’s timeline background alongside other anecdotes about getting started, customers can see your brand is more dependable than a brand dancing around how it got started. When audiences are navigating to pages about your brand timeline, they are likely looking for additional information to reinforce choosing your brand. If your brand background section is sparse, it leaves customers with more questions than answers and puts your brand at risk of being distrusted. There’s no need to write a small novel when detailing your brand timeline, but information presented in a fun, engaging way helps reassure clients that your brand is run by real people.


Honoring the Past Foretells the Future

By acknowledging the humble beginnings of your brand, you are planting the idea of room to grow in the minds of your customers and colleagues alike. Think of your brand timeline as the “once upon a time…” to the story of your brand’s journey. The framework creates a launchpad for next steps and is an evergreen place to add updates and meaningful milestones in your brand background. Commemoration, even if it’s simple awareness and inclusion, can go a long way with captivating info-interested audiences.

The Best Brand Background?

The common denominator in every approach to your brand’s timeline is authenticity. Outlining your timeline background is a prime opportunity to introduce your brand with every element that makes your brand background unique and buy-worthy. If you need help figuring out what to include in your brand timeline, our experts are eager to help! Contact us today and ask about our free consultation!

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