Celebrating Our Office Furry Friend this Love Your Pet Day

Celebrating Our Office Furry Friend this Love Your Pet Day

Culture | Feb 20, 2021

Today is National Love Your Pet Day, and we’re all excited! We can’t wait to give our favorite Chief Office Pet a big hug.

Did you know 60% of Americans are pet owners? This makes a strong case to have a special day for our companions.

February 20 is earmarked as Love Your Pet Day. We know we shower our little furry friends with love every single day, but this social media holiday is our chance to splurge a little bit (If we haven’t done so in a while). It’s like Valentine’s Day for our loveable pets!

To celebrate Love Your Pet Day, we’ve gathered special moments we’ve shared with Platon, Chief Office Pet of ULS.

Meet Platon

Platon smiling

Platon’s our gentle giant! He’s a big, playful black Labrador. He doesn’t smile a lot for photos, but it’s super cute and adorable when he does. Platon definitely likes taking long walks around our neighborhood in Glendale. Also, he enjoys speed eating his chicken breast rice bowl.

To offset all the gains from his yummy diet, we make sure our big baby gets some fun under the sun. Or at least, we try. 

He’s a budding tennis star

Platon sitting outside in front of tennis racquets

We’re no Roger Federer, but we do play a set of tennis with Platon. His paws cramp up really fast with his traditional eastern grip. So, our scores are always stuck at love. But he does love chasing the yellow felt tennis ball.

Watch him ollie

Platon thinking of skateboarding

Once in a while, we take Platon skating outside of our office. But he’ll only lick the Penny board or push it away from him. He definitely loves running after us whenever we’re skating away from him.

Tired Platon with ULS smiley stress ball

At the end of the workday, we know he’s happy spending his day with us, but he gets drained mostly when we make sure he exercises with us. He’s so bushed, he doesn’t even want to play fetch with his red, smiley stress ball.

Camera shy Platon with ULS team on Halloween

Our favorite times with our Chief Office Pet are photoshoots. It doesn’t always go smoothly because he’s camera shy, and it takes a while to take a picture of his good side, but when we do, it’s majestic. 

Platon majestically sitting

Whether you’re a cat person, rabbit lover, fish person, a reptile lover, or prefer furry balls like hamsters, treat them extra special this Love Your Pet Day. Show them how much they mean to you.

How are you showing your love for your #1 huggable bestie?

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