Debunk Link Building Myths and Conquer Your 2019 Campaigns

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Debunk Link Building Myths and Conquer Your 2019 Campaigns

SEO | Nov 20, 2018

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2018 is coming a close. As small businesses prepare for their 2019 online visibility campaigns, we know that link building works but must understand that there are no clear-cut or absolute rules to follow when it comes identifying the best practices. We’re shrouded with myths that have lived longer than it should.

To start your small business’ new year on the right track, let’s clear things up about some of the most alarming link building myths.

The myths that cloud small business owners judgment when it comes to link building is detrimental to their brand. But once we dispel these myths, you can use link building’s full potential to jumpstart your campaigns.

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With this said, our myth-busting list is not just another article that complicates your decision-making when planning for your campaigns next year.

Myth #1: Guest Posting is Bad for Link Building

We’ve all heard this before. You can’t be punished for guest posting, especially if it’s being published in a relevant site to market your business. Guest posting is beneficial for your digital marketing campaigns as it can improve your online visibility and web traffic.

Myth #2: You’ll Get Penalized for High Link Velocity

Loading up a piece of content with a lot of high-quality links negatively impacts your rank and will get you penalized. Whenever other websites link to your content, it improved your online visibility. But you may be penalized for using low-quality links.

Myth #3: Backlinks are a Top Ranking for Google

Google uses unique algorithms to determine queries by users. Backlinks are one of the factors Google looks into, but they are not more or less important than the other factors. It might be important to keep in mind that links might be slightly important when it comes to first-page search engine results.

Myth #4: Image Links are Bad

Having image links are not grounds for penalty. So if you’re trying to link an infographic for your next campaign, make sure you are describing, make sure to use caption and ALT text to help search engines understand what the image is depicting.

Myth #5: “Wiki” Sites Guarantee High Rankings

Wikipedia and all other similar sites rank the same as all other websites. In this sense, all sites are created equal, and all you have to do is analyze the link’s ranking power.

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