Essential Brand Identity Checklist for Small Businesses

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Essential Brand Identity Checklist for Small Businesses

Brand | Nov 23, 2020

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It doesn’t matter whether you’re a small business or a big corporation.

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Brand identity is key to expressing who you are, how amazing your products are, what you stand for, or how professional you are to potential shoppers.

The only difference between mom-and-pop shops and giant enterprises is their budget. The bigger the company, the more money they spend on improving brand identity. That just simply means they can but more ad spaces at prime locations.

But defining brand identity doesn’t involve lots of money.

If anything, there’s a lot more introspection that goes along into pinpointing what your small business’ brand identity is.

The nitty-gritty in defining who you are as a company understands your small business, figuring out your demographic, what’s been working well in the industry, and what makes you, well, you.

To help businesses achieve their A-HA moments, we’ve compiled an all-inclusive brand identity checklist just for you.

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__ What’s the Story

Tell potential consumers about your journey

Walk them through memory lane. Show them how you started and how work happens behind the scenes. Did you start your company in your garage or shared a tiny office with another startup? Stories like these build a connection with your audience.

__ Mission Statement

What is your mission statement?

Define your business’s core mission and your purpose. Don’t imitate your competitors. Be yourself. Be authentic. And find how you can rise above other companies. A solid mission statement will elevate your brand.

Love what you do. Do what you love.

__ The Work-Life Zen

How do you show the professional and personal side of the business?

Your work will speak for itself, but what happens behind the camera or how a finished product came about rarely gets any notice. Take advantage of your social media. Show potential consumers your awesome team and their creative process. Be a personable, professional brand.

__ Your Brand’s Values

Tell your consumers what you believe in

Defining your company’s values creates a stronger connection between you and your customers. Consumers these days look for brands with who they share similar values. Be consistent. Stay true and stand by your values.

__ Show Some Personality

Understand who you are

Whatever it takes

Humanize your brand by creating a persona. This technique helps you build a unique brand identity that engages potential customers. The persona you choose should reflect you and your audience. You will create an authentic connection, guaranteed.

__ Choose the Right Words

Jot down words that resonates with you

Language is crucial when trying to reach out to your audience. Your message should be crisp and clear, so your target audience can easily understand what you’re trying to say. We said it before, and we’ll say it again… Be yourself. No brand voice is alike. Staying true to yourself attracts the right people who have the potential to be loyal consumers.

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__ Boundary Setting

What opportunities are considered thumbs up or down

Setting boundaries helps you make smarter decisions. You’ll know when to reject a partner or an offer that doesn’t align with your values. This is an excellent strategy to set yourself apart from the rest of your competitors.

Ready to explore how brand identity can improve your small business and increase your online and social media presence? Let’s talk!

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