How Instagram Algorithm Works in 2019

How Instagram Algorithm Works in 2019

Social | Sep 18, 2019

Does your brand have an Instagram profile? Are you not satisfied with the likes and shares you're receiving on your posts? It’s not you. It’s Instagram’s algorithm.

Luckily, there is a way for you to understand how the new algorithm works. We're here to provide some helpful tips to reach your target audiences and boost engagement on your posts, i.e. likes, shares, and comments.

How Instagram algorithm works

Instagram’s new algorithm is rearranging the way users scroll through posts through their feed.

Centered on signals, the algorithm prioritizes the most relevant posts to the top, giving it the most visibility, while the less important contents are placed down the feed.

NOTE: 2019 Instagram algorithm, like previous ones, are subject to change. We’ve listed three ranking factors that the algorithm takes into account when prioritizing content.

  • Relationship – Instagram looks at content from accounts that users engage with - DMs, comments, and tags - are ways the algorithm detects how close users are to your brand.
  • Interest – Instagram’s algorithm calculates which posts users interact with more based on past and present behavior. Users who like basketball will more than likely receive basketball posts.
  • Timeliness – Instagram wants to show the latest, most interesting posts to the users. Brands who post around the time their followers are online typically gets more engagement.

How to make the algorithm work for your brand

If you’re feeling down and out about your engagement rate, the good news is that there are ways to beat the Instagram algorithm. The trick is to continuously engage your followers.

Here are some things you can do.

  • Post more often – Increase the quality and quantity of your posts. Gone are the days when brands should only post once or twice a day. With the new algorithm, it automatically breaks up multiple posts, so users won’t get tired of your feed.
  • Post videos too – Try posting videos here and there. It’s a different way to engage your users, for sure, but some people will stop scrolling through their feed to watch quality videos.
  • Be personable – Your posts will be boosted and shared to users who already interact with your brand. Find your persona and connect with your audience. Create captions your audience will like, reply to their comments, and like other users’ posts.
  • Use hashtags – Get your posts noticed on the ‘Gram! Hashtags are for making your posts accessible to users who have interests in your brand’s expertise. It helps your brand get on Instagram’s Explore page. PRO TIP: Use hashtags to show what your post or your brand is about. Unclear hashtags make your post look tacky.

It's time to take control of your Instagram marketing!

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