How Shopify Increases Online Sales for Businesses

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How Shopify Increases Online Sales for Businesses

Sales | Dec 10, 2020

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In 2020’s second quarter, over $211.5 billion was spent on e-commerce products and services.

This is most likely due in part to the coronavirus forcing businesses to close their doors, making the reliance on online sales pivotal for profit.

Person holding smartphone shopping on shopify

Statista predicts that by 2023, online sales will make up 22% of all global retail sales combined. With in-person shopping restrictions still set in place, this number is only guaranteed to grow. 

Shopify, a multinational e-commerce company, has become a top choice for online businesses, administering some of the world’s biggest brands like Budweiser, Unilever and Tesla.

Its business-friendly features secured its rating in the E-Commerce Guide at a 9.75/10. Shopify’s popularity has only gained more prosperity in the last year, as physical businesses begin to make the switch to digital.

According to Konstruct Digital, over one million merchants use its service worldwide. 

If you’re considering opening an online store — and in turn — want to increase your business’s reach and sales globally, we’ve laid out some of the features the company offers that successfully aims to do just that.

Credit cards on red carpet beside laptop

Multiple payment processors during checkout

One of Shopify’s unique features is its ability to process payments through hundreds of different services. 

Whether it be through an online payment system or credit card, allowing customers to use their preferred payment method promotes better sales and makes handling international currencies a breeze. 

54% of customers are more likely to click the buy button if a business accepts PayPal. 

Shopify also offers its own payment processor called Stripe. If merchants use this gateway, both transaction and credit card fees are waived. 

laptop showing online store selling oversized jacket

Global reach and cross-platform advertising

The e-commerce giant provides its services to over 175 countries, making its global reach one of the largest in comparison with its competitors Wix and Squarespace. 

The company also integrates with other social media and online shopping platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest and Amazon to direct website traffic to its merchant’s digital stores.

Through third-party apps like Facebook Messenger and Instagram, business owners can advertise to and contact customers to sell their products at a quicker and more profitable pace.

Shopify even allows its operating system to be implemented within personally developed apps so that merchants can utilize its software.

Valuable features like these increase sales since products are advertised across multiple platforms in a streamlined manner, and the focus on the direct-to-consumer model is encouraged — reducing time, hassle and extra costs.

smartphone with shopify app open with yellow pencil beside succulent

App and in-store implementation

Any business can set up an online store with any internet-accessible device in relatively no time. 

From your computer to the functional mobile app, merchants can check stock, interact with customers, read reviews and view shipping information all in one convenient place. 

As for the products allowed to be advertised through Shopify, the possibilities are endless. 

Shop owners can sell anything from handmade trinkets like custom rings to paid membership opportunities such as subscription boxes. 

person online shopping surrounded by plants

But the perks don’t stop there. Businesses that wish to operate both brick-and-mortar and online stores concurrently, can benefit greatly from Shopify’s POS system.

Once set up with the tools provided by the company, information regarding both your online and physical stores can be combined to provide you with the most accurate statistics concerning sales, ratings, customer interaction and inventory.

According to Shopify, businesses unifying their in-store and online sales with its POS system have reported a 30% growth in revenue over the years.

Looking to set up your own Shopify store? From physical to digital, we’re an integrated marketing agency that can help your business flourish with our website design and SEO services. Contact us now to find out more!

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