How to Find and Convert Hot Leads

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How to Find and Convert Hot Leads

Sales | Dec 18, 2022

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Hot Leads - What Is a Hot Lead?

Have you ever played the temperature game where one person tells the other when they’re cold, warmer, still warmer, hot, and boiling? Leads follow a similar structure.

Cold Leads

Cold leads know next to nothing about your brand. The term “cold call” may come to mind, and interacting with cold leads needs to be handled as a brand-new introduction.

Warm Leads

Warm leads might have seen an ad or a suggested post, but they haven’t been nurtured enough to go in for the sale. Warm leads can become hot leads when handled properly, though sometimes too much engagement can scare off warm leads.

Hot Leads

Finally, a salesperson’s favorite kind of lead is hot leads! Easy conversion rate from proper nurturing and their clear interest in your brand are the hallmarks of a hot lead.

What Are Signs of a Hot Lead Type?

Other qualifying factors of hot leads that lead to hot sales are how well your brand meets their need, how soon they want the need met, having the authority to accept what your company is offering, and having the budget or means to purchase your product or service.

Each of these elements must be in proper balance to convert the lead. Sometimes if there is consistent enthusiasm for your brand but limited purchases, you might need to rethink pricing to bridge the gap if that’s within reach for your brand.

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Hot Lead Generation - Where to Find Hot Leads

The most important thing to stress when discussing leads is learning how to qualify them before sending the sales department in for the pitch. Qualifying can be done from a variety of stages. Your social media manager can notice if a follower is particularly active on posts and engagement, reception can receive calls or emails and send them along with a note to sales, or sales can qualify all leads before engaging to ensure no effort is wasted. Not every lead can be a hot lead, but by using these tactics, you can up your conversion rates more easily than ever!

1. Coupons, Discounts, and Special Offers Go a Long Way

Never underestimate the power of a good bargain! Create that space for your potential customers by running an ad campaign or a social media post blitz dedicated to a very special, exclusive, or limited-time offer that’s too good to miss! Do you remember the snail-mail 20% Bed, Bath, and Beyond coupons? Even if you didn’t distinctly need anything at that store, seeing the deal created that space to imagine if there’s anything you needed in order to take advantage of the deal and become one of their hot sales!

2. Run a Sales Blitz

Speaking of blitzes from tip #1, sometimes simply putting more of a rallied and united team effort behind lead generation can give you the little extra edge you might have been missing! While this doesn’t mean throwing the entire team to the phones, sometimes brainstorming with different departments or even letting some teammates sit in or assist the sales team can be a refreshing new angle.

3. Turn Your Product Into a Must-Have

Creating urgency can literally turn up the heat on warm leads and transform them into hot leads and purchases. Limited inventory or a limited-time offer can start the feeling, but adding a countdown timer to coupon emails or integrating it straight into their carts helps keep customers aware and eager to complete their purchases.

Need an Extra Edge?

Sometimes navigating the world of leads can be tricky! We even dedicated an entire lesson of our ULS Digital Marketing Bootcamp to this topic! Depending on when you’re reading this, you can hop in for more details or contact us for a FREE consultation to learn exactly how we can help you level up your lead gen!

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