How to Make a Company Tutorial Video with Influencers

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How to Make a Company Tutorial Video with Influencers

Trends | Oct 19, 2021

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Making a good company tutorial video is a great way to engage with audiences clamoring for video content.

Video tutorial companies are capitalizing on the natural human thirst for knowledge, but you can leverage that interest even more by trusting content creators like influencers to create a meaningful tutorial vid that speaks to your audience and theirs!

There’s no denying that we are in an age of video content. People watch an average of 18 hours of video content per week. Moreover, 96% of people have watched a video online that explains a product or service, and 84% have been convinced to purchase after watching a video. All signs point to your brand needing a good company tutorial to introduce your brand to audiences in their most preferred format. If you’re struggling with where to start, consider partnering with the originators of the web tutorial video: influencers.


Partnering with Influencers = Good Company Tutorial Videos

Video marketing and influencer marketing are two digital marketing strategies that are only continuing to climb each year. If you’ve been looking for the right opportunity to jump onto both bandwagons, do so in one fell-swoop with a web tutorial video from influencer partners. With so many avenues to showcase your content, make sure your brand is ready to meet audience needs with a good company tutorial.

Why Influencers?

The entire appeal of the internet is the wealth of knowledge it encompasses, being about our friends and family, celebrities, or information we’re eager to learn. Influencers have managed to bridge the gap between celebrities and friends by creating extremely relatable niche content that resonates with viewers. A major part of what makes their content so relatable is that they convey their experiences, stories, or other wisdom that benefits viewers. Many tutorial vids center around showcasing a particular skillset, be it creating a stylist makeup design or a practical craft. Even niche content surrounding specific products and their makes and models can generate an unprecedented number of views by people needing help repairing an item or understanding its features better.

Influencers are Content Creators

It may seem obvious, but it’s easy to forget that influencers are masters of creating content. To generate their following, influencers create their own, unique formula that gets likes, subscribes, and comments. The general trajectory of how influencers gain notoriety may be as simple as creating content viewers want to watch, staying on trend and posting the right sort of content at the right time are all factors contributing to their success. When thinking of working with influencers, approach the partnership as gaining a content creating teammate. By choosing people within your niche that would benefit from your brand, it creates an instantly symbiotic working relationship that is effective for both parties.


Why Tutorial Videos?

The sales arm of your business is basically your product or service’s education station. The job of your sales reps is to educate audiences about your brand in the clearest yet most relatable way possible. Given that video is highly in-demand content, a simple way to bridge the gap between obscurity and brand awareness is by creating a video discussing how your product or service can help in various scenarios or how to use it directly. Both types of content instruct and inform which will build rapport and trust without pressure or the investment of settling in to read a manual or article to learn.

Educate to Innovate

Every individual learns differently, but videos tend to resonate with a high number of people, as 65% of people are visual learners and 30% are auditory. That’s 95% of the market right there! While you’re aware of why your brand is awesome, audiences need to be told in ways they understand. With engaging audio visual components, good company tutorial videos establish a trustworthy foundation with customers that you can build upon with consistently informative content that viewers will want to share.

Learning is for Everyone

The best part about being human is that we never stop learning. While it can certainly be easier to learn certain things at a young age, with enough patience, effort, and determination, anyone can learn anything! Taking an educational approach with your sales content fosters this instinct in people and automatically positions your brand as an authority figure in what more there is to do and see in life. This will help you set up your brand’s story with your customers as the hero and your new tutorial content as the crucial first steps on their journey.


What’s Next?

To make good company tutorial videos with the help of influencers, you’ll need an action plan to know how to qualify and contact influencers as well as decide how their content factors into your marketing plan. Instead of worrying about all of the moving parts, let the experts here at ULS help you out! With our passion and expertise, you’ll have a web tutorial video that educates, innovates, and celebrates your new brand awareness from excited audiences. Don’t delay! Contact us today.

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