How to Use Customer Testimonials Boost Brand Awareness

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How to Use Customer Testimonials Boost Brand Awareness

Trends | Feb 17, 2022

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By creating memorable online experiences, your delighted customers will provide you the ultimate gift: brand trust! Product testimonials are very reliable, so working to understand customers is key to securing those reviews, engagement metrics, and other feedback your brand needs to succeed.

How to Use Client Testimonials to Build Your Brand

92% of customers read online reviews before making a purchase. This staggering figure means client testimonials are a wellspring of information both in creating and adjusting quality products your customer base already loves and in wooing audiences to become customers themselves. The best client testimonials showcase and encapsulate the digital experience you provide audiences.

Trust is Key

By having client testimonials, you show customers that the interaction doesn’t end with a purchase. Cultivating genuine relationships with your audience will serve far more than just your bottom line or revenue; it will show customers you care and make them more likely to recommend you to their sphere of influence.

By the same token, encouraging and valuing your fans will help them inspire those who are on the fence to take the plunge and trust your brand. Their practical experience shows how your product changed their daily life in a realistic, relatable way.


How Do I Get Testimonials?

While you may already know product testimonials are very reliable and value client feedback, what if you don’t have them yet? Not to worry! There are luckily plenty of ways to gather this info while also boosting your audience engagement.

Email Blast

A person’s favorite topic is usually themselves, so frame your question about your product or service within their day to day life to get more info. The direct approach of “We Want Your Feedback!” does still garner results! Incentivizing this ask with an exclusive discount may help grease the wheels of indecision and create a repeat buyer in the process!

Follow up emails post-purchase are also a great way to get reviews, especially when approached from a customer service angle. Easily extend the shopping experience to include feedback to keep the shopper’s attention and help them feel that their opinion is valuable.

Surveys and Quizzes

Use your social media following to your advantage by asking them for feedback. While this is much less personal, sometimes an Instagram Story Poll can give you interesting insights that you can then quote and share later and keep in your highlights.

For an upgrade to the poll approach, create a fun, short quiz for customers to get insights. Allow for fillable short-answer sections for those unique quotes.


How Should I Use Testimonials?

Receiving good feedback not only feels good, it can look good too! Make the most of the positive vibes by posting reviews and feedbacks across all of your social platforms.

Utilize User Generated Content

Did someone post a glowing testimonial about your product on Instagram? Use that engaging image to create a new post and share it across multiple platforms! Are the excited tweets pouring in about your service? Screenshot the flurry of tweets and share the buzz elsewhere to keep the ball rolling.

Plug-In Review Aggregators

“Review aggregator” is a fancy way to phrase where your reviews are stored. Sure, you can, and should, build a place in your online store to host your reviews, but do you also check the sites that are brand or industry specific? For example, if you own a restaurant or other service-related business, Yelp is the most popular destination for people to share their testimonials. If you host an app, check the App Store or the Google Play store for additional reviews.

If you’d like a one-stop shop for all of your reviews, there are softwares that can collect them all and help you funnel them into your product pages on your website, which is an effective strategy even used by bigger retailers like Target.

Add Testimonials After Sales or on the Cart Page

For extra review viewership and to help sway hesitating buyers, consider adding testimonials that best highlight why your brand is an easy choice for the customer’s needs into the buyer’s journey. That small extra spark of reassurance could be the tipping point to a person choosing your brand.

Adding these reviews after a purchase can also help encourage the new customer that they have made the right choice even before they have your product in-hand.

What’s Next?

If you’re still working on expanding your brand or need help making the most of customer feedback, our experts here at ULS have eCommerce solutions for all situations and any sized business! Contact us today for your next steps!

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