Improve Your Email Click-Through Rate by 53% with These 6 Key Strategies

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Improve Your Email Click-Through Rate by 53% with These 6 Key Strategies

Sales | Mar 24, 2020

There is a pressing issue in the world of email marketing that’s bigger than email open rates, and that’s the challenge of convincing your subscribers to take action or click on your campaigns, also known as click-through rate (CTR).

We all know this well. At one point or another, we have been guilty of such inaction. This passivity from consumers translate into marketing professionals struggling to improve low CTRs.

We get both sides because we are digital marketers, but also consumers. We are guilty of ignoring email marketing. And at some point, we struggled with low CTRs.

The good thing about low click-through rates is the acknowledgement that it is a problem, because every problem has a solution.

We’ve solved our email click-through rate by taking a closer look at our analytics. Now, we’re here to share our secrets with you because we know where you’re coming from.

What is email click-through rate?

Email click-through rate is the percentage between your total subscribers who have clicked on a link in your email marketing campaign.

It takes a simple math equation to calculate your email CTR. It looks a little like this: email CTR = #of clicks / # of delivered emails x 100.

CTRs are the single-most important metric to measure email marketing campaigns as 73% of marketers’ track it to gauge a campaigns success.

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Here are six key elements that has worked wonders for us and our clients.

Stick to the essentials only

When creating design and content stick to the basics: your logo, contact information, fun image that relates to brand and campaign, a brief message emphasizing on the promotion, and your social media buttons to encourage your subscribers to follow you on several platforms.

Use the same link multiple times

When you’ve already used a link once, don’t be afraid to reuse it again in the email. If you’re trying to boost your blog readership, insert the same blog link twice. By adding the same link, you’re raising your chances that your readers will click to get more information.

Respond quickly

This works wonders! It sends a message to your patrons that you care. Make sure that consumers receive a confirmation message and a promotional gift for their next purchase after they place an order. This increases repeat business and builds trustworthiness.

Persuade your readers

A little encouragement won’t hurt. Engage your subscribers by motivating them to take action. When sending out an email marketing campaign provide deadlines and use positive, encouraging words to inspire action.

Be more graphic

Maybe CTRs are low because readers aren’t clicking your links. Visually engage your consumers by using buttons instead of links. It’s easier to spot, click, or tap and suggests urgency because it is more attention-grabbing than a link.

Reveal something new

Announce something new that’s happening at your office or introduce new products to your readers. Add a little promotion here and there. This makes your subscribers feel special, at home, and a part of a community.

These tips have helped us boost our CTRs in the last few months. Now, you’re ready to overcome your low click-through rates.

Was this helpful? Let us know below or message us if you need assistance. We’re here to help businesses take a great leap forward.

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