Keep Your Followers Close and Your Competitors Closer

Keep Your Followers Close and Your Competitors Closer

Social | Mar 30, 2020

To some, a business is a blood sport. It’s a cutthroat competition to the finish line where there can only one winner. We’re not taking this route. But rather than a fierce, aggressive race, we look at business as a friendly competition. We share useful information, stimulate innovation, and foster creativity.

Competition is inevitable in any line of work, but how one addresses this is what separates the children from the adults.

So, if you’re still asking yourself if you need to know who your competitors are or if you need to follow them closely online, our answer is a resounding yes. Whether you’re a new business or an established one, getting a handle on your competition helps you focus on developing your brand.

Don’t believe us? Here are some stunning benefits of knowing your competitors.

New ways to improve your brand

Sometimes, to see is to believe. Companies don’t realize they need to improve until they see it for themselves, which typically are their competitors.

On a similar note, you as a business owner may not know which directions to take next until you see a competitor do it. Your competitors can introduce your brand to new ideas and technology to support your brand and better serve your consumers.

Unleash your full potential

In a sea of proactive competitors, set yourself apart by fully understanding your brand. A Pilates instructor teaches Pilates and a professor instructs students. But what makes you unique from the rest is your brand’s philosophy and culture.

Maybe it’s your shop’s friendly vibe or personable staff. Maybe you provide more incentives. Whatever they may be, the value of competition to your business is that it provides you a clearer path of what your consumers like. Recognizing your strengths and developing positive traits allow you to unleash your brand’s full potential.

Competitors help you to develop your content strategies

Looking at your competitors’ content provides important insights on what to publish on your social platforms. Scroll through your competitors’ social media channels and see what kind of content they post, how often, and what kind of engagement they receive. You’ll be able to gauge how you can improve your content strategy.

Enhances a good online presence

Improving and boosting your online presence is rewarding. Your brand will rank higher in comparison to your competitors. Showing up on top of the search engine results page in a pool of similar industries is a true testament to your strong online presence.

Teaches You New Skills

Information sharing is an important asset, and that is one thing you learn from your competitors. If you’re struggling with a marketing campaign, all you have to do is look at your competitors and learn from them. Identify their campaign’s strengths and weaknesses and start developing your marketing campaigns.

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