Labor Day Marketing Hacks to Boost Your Brand

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Labor Day Marketing Hacks to Boost Your Brand

Trends | Sep 01, 2021

Because many workers have the day off to celebrate, your Labor Day advertising ideas should work wonders for people who have this extra time to shop.

Check out these top tips for crafting Labor Day marketing plans that reward workers while ramping up your revenue.

As a holiday known for being the symbolic end of summer (and of wearing white clothes), Labor Day is an excellent opportunity to create opportunities for your customers to treat themselves while enjoying time off. These 6 marketing ideas for Labor Day can help catapult sales without too much heavy lifting from your team.

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6 Labor Day Marketing Strategies

1. Create a Catchy Hashtag that Doubles as a Promo Code

With the winding down of summer and the ushering in of fall, Labor Day serves as a major cookout holiday as well as that last chance to bask in summer fun and creating memories with families and friends. Since social gatherings include tagging others on social, why not let your brand get in on the action by creating an on-brand yet Labor Day related hashtag that serves as a bank for those memories and related content directly from your audience? Bump up the extra exclusive buzz by using it as a promo code for purchases via your website or online store! Labor Day marketing slogans would be best used in a plan like this, but even simple hashtags would still serve the same purpose.

2. Reward (Gameified) Customer Labor!

Need extra followers? Likes? Shares? Subscribers? Turn those tasks into a game for customers to complete to “unlock” savings! Create a system where each task completed equals a value of points or a portion of the promo code that is only completed once all tasks are complete. This tactic is ideal for gamers or for those who even work through days off while boosting your brand awareness and social media presence or any metric that needs a little TLC. In addition to the business benefits, you’re also giving customers a sense of accomplishment and extra connection that will encourage loyalty to your brand.

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3. Use Business Closure Emails as a Marketing Tool

While eCommerce businesses can be open 24/7 thanks to automation and the internet, if you are observing the holiday, alert your clientele and use that email opportunity to connect with customers and market your brand. Consider offering additional Labor Day marketing promotions in honor of the closure, or simply put yourself on your customers' radar by appearing in their inbox on their day off to gain extra traction. Including a fun narrative of how your company will spend the time off may also add an extra point of connection that’s relatable and sharable.

4. Extend Customer Savings Throughout the Weekend (Or Longer!)

Labor Day weekend is very popular for shoppers, even through the pandemic. Going with the flow of other companies hosting savings events and sales is definitely wise, as savvy customers are aware that Labor Day is a great chance to shop deals and steals. However, paying attention to your customer activity specifically could give you a chance to extend savings into the week or the following weekend to ride the momentum of the buzz while helping customers feel celebrated. An important caveat to extending sales is to create that urgency and exclusivity, so don’t announce you’re extending the savings until the very last minute in order to scoop up those last stragglers and almost-abandoned carts.

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5. Freebies and Giveaways

Celebrating a free day off of work is a great chance to host a giveaway or pack in extra freebies with orders. This tactic could be paired well with the gameification suggestion in tip 2, but as a standalone, giveaways are an excellent way to get extra traffic that simultaneously capitalizes on customers' extra free time spent on social on their day off. Freebies at certain tiers of spending will likely help buyers of lower-cost items want to fill their carts to meet that goal, especially when specifically linked to your Labor Day marketing ideas. Freebies also help customers feel like they truly matter to your business and will encourage them to return to your store over another retailer because you took the time to add something extra to their purchasing experience.

6. Combine Labor Day Savings with Back-To-School

Shopping trends show that the figurative end of summer usually coincides with students of all ages going back to school for the start of fall semester. While the exact start dates can fluctuate with specific regions and schools, businesses can easily blend back-to-school savings with Labor Day marketing to create the semblance of a savings extravaganza for customers. Spending trends have continued to climb year over year, regardless of COVID impacts, so a solid strategy would include capitalizing on this major spending season with a deal of your own.

Bonus Tip: Rest and Enjoy the Day!

If you put any combination of these tips into practice, you can rest easy knowing you’re got a game plan for handling Labor Day without working too hard! However, if you want this kind of strategy boosting profits year-round, get in touch with our experts for a free consultation to find out what will work best for your brand for Labor Day marketing ideas and more!

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