Marketing in the Era of Multitasking

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Marketing in the Era of Multitasking

Trends | Feb 11, 2019

We live in a world where almost everything is within arm’s reach or is just a click away. We are connected, and we are linked because we are online.

As a result, we have flourished on our multitasking skills. We watch our favorite TV shows while working on our laptops and/or scrolling through social media on our mobile devices.

According to Simmons Research, many TV viewers’ top choice of activity while watching TV include visiting websites on mobile phones (27.3%), texting on mobile phones (26.8%), and visiting websites on computers (22.1%).

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In Marketing Dive’s eMarketer briefing, data released suggests the growing trend among adults in the US.

  • 0.3% of the US population regularly use a second-screen while watching TV
  • 110.5 million desktop users have another window open to access their streaming services
  • This year, 187.3 million consumers will use their mobile devices as a second-screen
  • 46.2 million consumers will have consumed related content

As TV viewers and consumers, we switch focus from TV to our second screen in an instant. What does this mean for marketers vying for their consumers' attention? This poses a great opportunity for brands who are engaging their consumers. TV viewers who watch their shows on the tube are more often than not scrolling through their Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

Interactive social media content that engages with consumers through dialogue, fun GIFs, and exclusive promos have been effective strategies.

  • Create a sense of urgency your followers would respond to
  • Develop relevant content your consumers would want to engage with
  • Turn your social media stories into compelling ads
  • Set goals with measurable results

Watching TV while using a second screen will continue to grow. There are several other ways to engage consumers on social media. Content marketing is a great tool if used to your advantage. For a thorough and beneficial content marketing strategy, contact your local digital marketing company. Their expertise and dedication to providing quality campaigns will get you the multi-platform results you need.

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