Need More Google Traffic? Read This

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Need More Google Traffic? Read This

Brand | May 07, 2022

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Building up your Google traffic is a long and sometimes frustrating, but ultimately rewarding process. More traffic means reaching your goals faster, whether they are ad revenue numbers, sales conversions, or building a passive income stream with a combination of strategies.

Build the Foundation

Perform a site audit to make sure your website is equipped to handle higher traffic numbers and provides quality user experience.

Would your website go down if there was a sudden spike of traffic, and if it did, would your web host be there to fix it quickly? Each minute your website is down is lost revenue and leads. Make sure your web host is a quality company with excellent customer service.

Make sure your website passes a speed test in Google PageSpeed Insights and make changes if necessary.

Make sure your web design is built for a positive user experience—fast site speed, easy-to-read text, and easy to navigate.

website speed

Identify Your Top Performing Keyword

In order to increase your traffic, you need to find out what you’re doing well already, and identify areas for improvement.

Analyze your traffic reports in Google Analytics and find your top content and see where you’re falling short. If there’s a pattern with your successful content, plan on making more of that content. In most cases, it’s best to create more evergreen than seasonal content, unless your business provides a seasonal or holiday service.

website traffic

Do Thorough Keyword Research

Keyword research is about identifying high volume keywords with low competition in your niche, but it doesn’t stop there! You need to create the most useful piece of content for the search term (according to Google), target multiple keywords for the topic, create optimized long tail keywords to use in your H1 and SEO titles, and use LSI keywords (other words related to your topic that you need to use to explain it).

keyword search

Use Your Competition

Rather than coming up with brand new keywords to target from scratch and hoping for the best after you hit publish, skip some steps by seeing which keywords your true competitors rank for by searching their site in a SERP tool and create a better version of it.

Your true competitors are other sites or businesses in your niche that have a similar style, domain authority, and search volume. SERP tools like Keysearch and SEMRush will generate a competitor list for you, but they are often inaccurate, so you have to do this research yourself.

competition analysis

Consistently Update Old Content

Maybe you have a large bank of old content that is not SEO optimized because you didn’t know any better before, or you’re just doing the standard audit to maintain current best practices.

Updating old content is a great way to increase your traffic. You can see if it ranks for any search terms, and rework it to do better. The best part is that updated old content often ranks quicker than brand new content, and some of the work already exists!

content optimization

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