Teamwork Makes the Dream Work at Home or Remotely

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work at Home or Remotely

Culture | Apr 07, 2020

While we’re all doing our part in flattening the curve by staying at home. It’s been almost 3 weeks since we started working remotely, and it’s making us miss our team building activities, icebreakers, group lunches, and Platon, our Chief Office Pet.

But we have to stay strong and stay at home for a few more weeks if we want to beat COVID-19.

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One of the many activities we miss the most, it’s playing a game or two of pool or ping pong. We play these games during our breaks or whenever we feel the need to refresh our creativity. Yes, the sound of the cue ball breaking the perfect triangle of solids and stripes stimulate our brains. The image above, case in point, is our copywriter and social media specialist planning of their campaigns. Don’t ask who won the game, though. The social media specialist might not like the answer.

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A few days before the coronavirus was declared a pandemic, one of our favorite clients stopped by to say hi. The simple greeting turned into a friendly ping pong match. The image above shows who won the game. It wasn’t team ULS, but there’s always next time, especially after the smoke from the outbreak clears.

But of everything we miss the most, it’s enjoying our time with our favorite office pet. Platon is our Chief Office Pet whose main task is to brighten our days when he’s outside hanging out with us or going for his long walks. Like many of his hoomans, he enjoys a nice bowl of chicken and rice. You’ll always know when he’s hungry because he doesn’t shy away from telling us it’s feeding time.

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With self-quarantine in full swing, and our entire team working from home, there’s always something new to learn every day. While we have our teamwork on point, working from home surely brings new challenges to our team. And we welcome these challenges wholeheartedly because it’ll only make us stronger, smarter, and shows our clients we can adapt to changing times.

We keep employee engagement these days by using Slack and Zoom. These tools have helped us effortlessly connect with our team. While we already use Slack at work, it has shown its importance when it comes to file-sharing in this time of social distancing. We also love the voice and video quality of our Zoom conference calls. It’s so crisp and clear!

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But the best perk of working remotely is eating freshly prepared lunches because pre-packed meals aren’t as fun and ordering from Postmates can get pretty pricey. Just look at our beautiful lunches! It makes us all hungry every time we look at the image.

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How is your team coping up with #StayAtHome and #SocialDistancing? Tell us in the comment section below.

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