The Ultimate Guide to eCommerce Channels for 2022

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The Ultimate Guide to eCommerce Channels for 2022

Industry | Jun 06, 2022

Whether you’re starting a new eCommerce business, looking to increase sales, or exploring how to increase the success of your marketing efforts, it’s important to explore multiple channels to determine the best fit for your business.

What are eCommerce Channels?

eCommerce channels include the marketing methods and locations in which marketers reach their target audience to sell a product or service. Examples include email marketing, paid ads, and content marketing.

Most businesses will benefit from utilizing multiple channels in their strategy. Cross channel marketing refers to the customer experience in which the customer engages with a business’ marketing on multiple channels before making the decision to buy. For example, a customer may be served an ad on social media, click on it, then see an in-content ad for the same product and make the decision to explore the product again. Studies show that customers typically need to be shown an ad three times before they make the decision to buy, so cross channel marketing is an excellent strategy to employ.

eCommerce Channels

Email Marketing

There’s a reason email marketing is touted year after year as an effective eCommerce channel—it works. Email marketing gives your business a direct link to your target customer’s inbox to educate them, nurture them, and tell them all about the sales and discounts that lead to sales.

email marketing

Social Media Advertising

Paid social media ads integrate into your customer’s news feed based on their interests, demographics, and browsing habits, so just by showing up in their feed, your product already passed through those filters! You just need to choose which social media platform is right for your ads since each platform attracts different age groups and demographics. If your ideal customer is middle aged, you may want to explore Facebook Ads, but stay away from TikTok!

social media marketing

Content Marketing

Content marketing is an eCommerce channel that weaves your advertisement into a consumable piece of content—articles, videos, podcasts, and any kind of “sponsored content”. Classic content marketing is a product advertisement built in to a blog post about the product or the problem the product sets out to solve.


Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing is using SEO (search engine optimization) and paid ads in the SERPs (search engine results page) to bring consumers to your website.

SEO involves choosing target keywords relevant to your product and building organic traffic by targeting these keywords in your website copy and content. 

Paid ads are search results on the SERPs that a business paid to have promoted at the top of the page. They look slightly different than organic search results and are clearly labeled as an ad, but they can help businesses get clicks to their site.


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