TikTok Do’s and Don’ts for Small Businesses

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TikTok Do’s and Don’ts for Small Businesses

Trends | Nov 18, 2020

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In a sea of glorious content, it’s not so easy to float by on TikTok or to just get your video noticed.

Competition for clicks and views is stiff because we’re all fighting for that airtime, whether you’re an individual or a business. TikTok does have about 850 M active users.

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But TikTok is a necessity for small businesses looking to connect to a broader audience or a younger demographic.

So, if you’re having a not so fun time engaging on the popular short-form mobile video platform, we’re sharing some do’s and don’ts to establish your presence on TikTok.

What you should DO on TikTok

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Be originally authentic

We know that sounds redundant, but it’s true. Users want to see creativity and original content while also participating in trending challenges.

Create original videos! Gather your troops and think of cool, unique ways to express yourself.

Teach something valuable

There are lots of educational content on TikTok. Users are hungry for knowledge, so feed them something worthwhile learning. Integrate tutorials about your products with lessons and tips that enrich the users’ experience.

Establish your presence

Post a video or two every day. It’s a proven strategy to increase your followers and engagements. Don’t be a lurker. Keep in mind to post a quality video that provides value to your followers.

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Be yourself

Post light-hearted content that shows who your brand is. This isn’t LinkedIn, so you don’t have to be formal. In fact, you’re very welcome to be informal and fun and humorous. People love to watch these kinds of short content.

Proper formatting helps

This is a simple tip but very important for your post’s success. While many of us usually film horizontally, TikTok is a platform that demands its content creators to shoot vertically.

Be a good follower too

Take time to monitor what’s trending and try to recreate them. Joining in on content that’s trending is a fantastic way to boost your presence. This means you should also participate in trending challenges.

Work with influencers

Find established TikTok influencers that align with your brand’s values. It’s a great way to increase engagement and awareness.

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Things that DON’T work on TikTok

You’re not here to sell

Even TikTok: For Business says, “Don’t make ads. Make a connection.” Avoid promoting your brand, products, or services. Instead, create content that generates an authentic connection between you and your followers.

Content with zero value

Yes, TikTok’s primary goal is to entertain, but they also provide a space to teach and inform their users. There are lots of how-to videos on the app that’s very helpful yet highly entertaining. That’s two thumbs up for its value.

This ain’t the Gram

The content you post on Instagram doesn’t work on TikTok, under any circumstances. Insta’s Reels is basically is a TikTok knock-off.

Don’t post your indie short film

People’s attention span is getting shorter and shorter. Focus on creating high-quality content. Videos should be somewhere between 15-30 seconds. If you want to post long-form content, try YouTube or, maybe, IGTV.

Drive your business with TikTok

The app is excellent for small businesses who are looking to build up their brand awareness.

There’s so much a small business can do in a 15-60 second video to engage their followers. So much entertaining and information providing can happen in a short period.

GymShark's TikTok page

image via GymShark

Gymshark is an excellent story of brands mastering how TikTok works and use it to their advantage. With over 2.1M followers, they understand the importance of working to create engaging posts consistently.

Are you looking to tap into the world of short-form video? Let us help you! Our social media specialists will develop a robust, measurable plan that will grow your TikTok engagement.

Let’s talk!

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