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Tips on Memorable Social Media Posts for Memorial Day

Culture | Apr 28, 2023

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As the unofficial start of summer, Memorial Day is a meaningful day to pause, reflect, and remember those in the armed forces who made the sacrifice to serve and protect the US. A paw-some social media strategy can make a memorable difference this Memorial Day.

Are Audiences Receptive to Memorial Day Ads?

However, amidst the sense of solemn gratitude comes the joy of preparing for fun in the sun, vacations, and more. Make the most of both sunny dispositions and honor memorable heroes by running a Memorial Day ad campaign on social media! Check out our top tips for creating memorable posts.

1. Host a Giveaway!

Kick off the holiday right by running a giveaway promotion. This social media tactic works wonders all year long, but brings an extra boost of excitement to a time many are already looking forward to and send them into the said weekend with swag or summer-themed products! This can also help boost any metric you choose, such as follows, post likes, and saves!

2. Create a Branded Hashtag for UGC

User-generated content, or UGC, is great for helping your audience connect with your brand in real life. There are a few ways to go about gathering these free marketing goodies:

Branded Hashtags

Since people will already be making memories of their own over Memorial Day weekend, create a branded hashtag that inspires users to tag their content. Think of ways your brand relates to your target audience’s upcoming Memorial Day experiences.

For example, business professionals may be looking to unwind over the long weekend while parents of school-age children will be looking for fun adventures. However, retirees might be angling more toward exclusive coupons and savings or care more about the traditional meaning behind the holiday. There’s something for everyone.

Tell a Story (an IG Story!)

Take advantage of the uptick in audience posting activity by featuring loyal customers and new buyers on your Instagram story and tag them so they’ll re-share your feature with their followers.

Group Up Your Friends on FB

There is power in numbers! Create a special Facebook group perhaps initially focused around a Memorial Day theme for your mega-fans and customers to share their experiences. Offer them exclusive discounts, offers, and more! This may be tricky to build and gain traction at first, but once you cultivate that community, the UGC will keep pouring in long after the holiday ends.

Incentivize Unboxing Videos

Video content is a major trend that only keeps getting more popular. Consider offering a discount or coupon to customers that post videos to social media featuring your product or offer the same on a service if they allow you to film the experience for social media. Remember to tag the customers so they’ll share your posts!

3. Revel in Reviews

Letting audiences rave about your product or service in your Memorial Day social media posts helps crank up your visibility while building brand trust! But how can you gather them to feature them?

Use Social Media Staples

Built-in social media platform features like comment boxes, stickers, polls, and @ mentions are a great way to then share the results in live-time.

Create Reels

If you have a bunch of shorter positive reviews or if you’ve already featured some reviews in a major way, edit photos of the reviews together into an Instagram reel to both boost engagement and chances of going viral since IG’s algorithm prioritizes video content. Usher in fun in the sun with a cool social media strategy for Memorial Day.

Need a Long Weekend Yourself?

Sometimes running social media can be exhausting. If you want to enjoy the Memorial Day weekend while expanding your audience reach, let the experts at USA Link System handle your ad campaigns to make this your most memorable year of revenue ever!

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