To Nurture Long-Term Clients, Forget the Salesy Vibe
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To Nurture Long-Term Clients, Forget the Salesy Vibe

Social | Dec 26, 2021

Your clients don’t want that experience either. The old pushy marketing tactics from a few years ago aren’t working as well anymore.

Plus, people are more careful with their money, especially today.


3 Tips For Customer Retention Strategies

So what does work? If you’re an influencer or have a service-based business, consider trying out one or more of these ideas to keep clients.


1. Make emails meaningful.

If you’re dripping out regular emails to your list, have you thought about the proportion of sales content to non-sales content?

Think of customers just like any other relationship that’s meaningful to you. If you smile instead of proposing marriage five minutes after meeting them, it’s easier to create long-term rapport.

Take a give-first philosophy. Out of 10 emails you send, at least seven or eight of them could be value-filled and without a sales offer.

For instance, you could include makeup tips, an opinion about your favorite up and coming bands, recipes, or even interview other influencers you think are amazing – whatever is relevant and makes sense for your business.

You’ll still need a call-to-action near the end, but instead of selling something, ask a question that encourages clients to engage and write back!


2. Build rapport on social media.

If you find something you genuinely appreciate about one of their posts, comment on their social. You get bonus points if you do it with no strings attached.

You’re building a relationship that will ultimately help you with long-term user retention. If you don’t have time to create daily connections on your clients’ social media, we can take care of it!


3. Do your research.

Market research is your friend and will help you do three things: a) you’ll gather great intel about what your ideal client likes and may buy, or definitely won’t buy, b) using that new info, you can create new services or products they’ll like, and c) by asking them questions about their preferences you’re also revealing your style and your vibe, making yourself more memorable. That’s a win-win-win.

There are a couple of ways to do this – prepare a survey with a maximum of five questions short and concise. The focus should be on finding out their preferences, not on promoting your stuff!

Or offer a 30-minute phone call or video conference and ask about their preferences. Leave the last 10 minutes for them to ask any questions, including about what you offer but keep it super low-key.

Again, if you ditch the pressure and stay service oriented, your audience will appreciate you. This isn’t just about customer retention, they’ll stay loyal because they trust you, and that trust creates a sustainable business you can be proud of.


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