Trends that Will Shape Our Future

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Trends that Will Shape Our Future

Trends | Jun 22, 2020

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The year is 2022. We live in a world where our best friends are our smart devices. We designate our avatars to represent us in the real world to avoid contracting a virus. Our lifespan in the future is connected to Apple Watches, and the only way to survive is to trade and barter for battery life.

Okay, we don’t know what our future will look, feel, or sound like in a couple of years. The scenarios above might just be a dream or the reality of man’s distant future. No one can guess how we’d live our lives 5 or 10 years from now.

We’re barely finding a cure for Coronavirus and solving age-old societal ills, midway through 2020.

But to move forward, we need to keep pushing forward.

Technology is paving the way to a brighter tomorrow in the digital world, at least.

Here are some of our digital marketing predictions for 2022.

iPhone with a lot of mobile app icons

Middle ground for sales and marketing

With all the advancements in data gathering and analysis, 2022 could be the year when the stars will align for sales and marketing.

The hungrier consumers get for more content, the more data marketers can collect to finetune their strategies.

Data traffic will reach up to 397.8 trillion megabytes in two years.

What this tells us is that the more data marketers collect, there will be better collaboration between the sales and marketing teams.

Targeted advertising

Gone are the days of irrelevant ads. The future holds the key to more personalized advertisements.

The cause of this honed-in, targeted advertising is data.

The data many marketers will collect will waken and stir up people who have been sleeping on impersonal ads.

49% of people will ignore brands that bombard them with ads, especially irrelevant ones. At the same time, 36% of consumers are more inclined to buy from brands with personalized messages.

The future of advertising is one that’s producing more relevant ads aimed at their target audience.

coffee in yellow cup and plate on table

New marketing jobs

With what Coronavirus has shown us is that jobs are temporary and cease to exist in a blink of an eye. But what it also gave us is the opportunity to find new ways to create and make a living.

Big Data is exponentially growing, and it needs people to gather and analyze. The Market Research Analyst job is set to grow by 41.2% this year, as per a Boston University study.

An app for everything under the sun

This has been evident since a couple of years ago, but come 2022, more and more apps will be available for us to use.

There’s an app for food and grocery deliveries, an app that takes us almost anywhere we want, and several apps that get us through unexciting meetings.

This year alone, mobile spending in the US is expected to grow by $65 billion.

Artificial intelligence

We’ve come to a point where our reference to artificial intelligence is beyond the hit 90s movie AI. It’s becoming our reality. Digital marketing is starting to incorporate AI technologies.

This means that more accurate, real-time data analysis can boost customer service as people create and provide solutions that are based on reliable data.

Voice marketing

We’ve seen the growth and importance of voice marketing in recent years. It’s evident with Siri and Alexa. Voice-enabled technology is seen as a tool to create a more personalized approach to marketing.  

With 30% of Internet searches conducted without typing or looking at a screen, we see the power of voice search as we live in a multi-tasking modern world.

Did we miss a trend? Comment other marketing trends for 2022 below.

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