Try These Alternatives to Email Blasts

Try These Alternatives to Email Blasts

Social | Nov 21, 2019

The good old email blast. Such a throwback for many businesses. Whether you work in corporate, retail or you’re a business owner, you’ve, more likely than not, discussed email blast as part of your marketing strategy. But 2019 is coming to a close, and we think it’s time that this spammy marketing strategy exit at year’s end.

We’re not leaving you emptyhanded, however. There are newer alternatives that rake in better results than email blasting new and regular consumers.

Before we start, let’s refresh ourselves on what email blasts are. If you’re new in the industry, then you’ll probably really want to read this section.

What is an email blast?

An email blast is a digital marketing strategy of sending a single message in bulk to a very large email list. It’s used in several ways to reach out to new customers. We’ve all received a sales email, one time or another. There’s little strategy involved in bulk emails, and oftentimes they’re unproductive because it goes straight to spam.

Some examples of email blasts include e-Newsletters and email campaigns. While newsletters are a way for a brand to add value to customers’ lives, it must maintain consistency and necessity. Newsletters should not bore your subscribers and must offer timely tips, promotions, and product or service updates.

If not email blasts, then what?

Instead of focusing on the number of email blasts, sharpen your email marketing by working on these essential strategies.

Clean email list

Don’t risk your brand’s name and reputation by sending email campaigns to unsolicited email lists. This also is not a good way of building a relationship with potential customers or subscribers.

For ideas on how to grow your email list, check out one of our blogs. On this blog, we listed the top five ways to raise your email list.

Improve your automation

2020 is right around the corner, and with it comes a whole lot of digital improvements your brand can benefit from. Improving your automation is a sure way to boost your email marketing as 73% of millennials prefer to receive content from brands through email. The catch? They want high relevance.

How do you get this? By continuously studying and analyzing your target audience’s buying behavior and pattern.

Personalize with segmentation

Develop content that speaks to your customers. 74% of marketers believe that segmenting your personalization boosts engagement. So before sending your email campaign, factor in your recipients – age, gender, region, etc. Once it’s been defined, tailor the content to each group of recipients.

These alternatives are a great way to start you off in a new path. For a more in-depth analysis, send us a message and consult with one of our experts.


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