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Culture | May 21, 2019

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Beep! Beep! Beep! You hear the alarm go off. You have one of two reactions: You jump out of bed with a pep-in-your-step, and you're ready to conquer the world.

Or like most of us, you hit the snooze button the max amount of times until you're borderline late to wherever you need to be. You rush to cram in the necessary tasks in the morning while shoveling food down your throat as you run out of the door with your hair half-combed.

Let's admit it, life is hectic. Any Zzzs you can collect, you will. We stretch ourselves pretty thin for the most part. Fortunately for you, life can be less chaotic if you "focus on what's important. Work on 80% of your priorities and dedicate 20% to the rest of your miscellaneous tasks," per Ally Spinu, our fearless leader and CEO.

By actively taking notes, tracking, and prioritizing your tasks, you've already won half the battle. Most of us have smartphones where we can jot down notes and set reminders, but you can also go the vintage route and use pen and paper (My personal fave!). Here at the ULS headquarters, we keep an open line of communication with several apps like Slack, Jira, and Smartsheets to make sure we can track our work, help each other out, and collaborate across our various departments.

As a global team of creatives, it's crucial that we work efficiently with all the projects we're working on in various stages. From our initial client onboarding process to ideating and conceptualizing, our main squad delivers time-sensitive tasks of creating content, designing and developing websites, and managing several projects at the same time. Following a routine helps us work as a team.

Our clients tell us how impressed they are with the structure of our work ethic (Patting ourselves on the back). We pride ourselves on bringing quality work to our new clients and keeping our current ones constantly wowed with the care and attention we give their projects.

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Here are some tips that our team members wanted to share:

Breakfast is key!

Yum! There's a reason it's called "The most important meal of the day." With the right nutrients, breakfast is key to a productive workday. Our day starts with morning check-ins, a hearty breakfast, and a hot cup o’ Joe. Whether it’s donuts or acai bowls, we make sure we know how each of our team members is feeling, both emotionally and physically. For an amazing list of fast and easy breakfasts, here’s an article from buffer.

Always be on the same page

Every morning we sit down for short talks to discuss our daily tasks. It’s a way for us to know which tasks are a priority. From here, each team member creates an individualized checklist of all our tasks.

Take breaks

We can’t repeat enough how important taking breaks are for the body and mind. When progress seems slow, taking a break can open floodgates to creativity and boost productivity. Be social and have a few laughs with other team members.

Track habits

If you’re planning on starting a routine, create a system to track your habits. Figure out which habits help you work better and smarter, not harder. There’s always room to improve your daily routine.


Meditate. Work out. Find a hobby. Go on a vacation. While we all love working together, a little self-love is always needed to stay sane.

Sleep. Sleep. Sleep.

Lack of sleep can impact your health and productivity. Sleep is vital for total rejuvenation of body and mind.

By setting achievable goals, tracking tasks, and understanding that plans can change from time to time, you are setting your foundation up for success. Always keep an open line of communication with the necessary people to make sure you're ticking off tasks from your to-do list.

If you're still struggling with getting your idea off the ground or don't know where to start, you can always shoot us an email to see how we can assist you. We love working on new projects!

Do you have any daily tips you think we should incorporate to make us even more efficient?

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