ULS Offers COVID-19 Small Business Relief Program

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ULS Offers COVID-19 Small Business Relief Program

Culture | Apr 30, 2020

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We kicked off 2020 with high expectations for ourselves, our families, friends, and businesses. But these dreams and aspirations have been cut short by the escalation of COVID-19 from an epidemic to a pandemic. Countries, governments, and economies are put to test.

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We’ve seen countries on lockdown, cities in quarantine, and unemployment rates skyrocket.

We, at USA Link System, believe that we shall get through this together, but apart, as one big community. We’re already seeing communities in action.

It’s our mission to help small businesses thrive in any condition, and we’ll push our limits to bring amazing results. Your brand’s success is our state of mind.

As we face new realities, we have seen the human spirit blossom, and it’s shining bright and uplifting all of us.

Aside from the growing support and appreciation for all essential workers, countless individuals and small businesses have taken action to help those in need.

In this light, we actively support causes and non-profits who are producing masks and other protective gear, both for public and professional use.

But that’s just the beginning.

Even before the global pandemic, we’ve been providing free consultations to local small businesses to improve their company.

Since then, we have actively ramped up our efforts to help businesses flourish in these hard times. We now offer a text support hotline for small businesses with questions on transitioning from storefront to remote work.

We kickstarted a weekly online forum held every Thursday to answer any questions entrepreneurs and small business owners have about digital marketing and other business-related inquiries.

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We help businesses refocus their priorities. Here are some ways we do that.

Reassess their scheduled content

We encourage brands to look at their scheduled content. Decide which content to keep or to put on hold. Dive into which campaigns can stay on the same track or which ones need some fine-tuning.

Reevaluate their image and approach

Visual communication is key, especially if businesses are focused on social media. Images should be adjusted to the ones that promote social distancing or sheltering in place. In terms of copy, these should be tweaked to not suggest, even figuratively, close interactions.

Reaffirming company culture

We’re all feeling bummed about this pandemic, but we’re all doing our best to “flatten the curve.” When it comes to sending messages to staff and the consumers, make sure it follows the brand’s core values. Be human. Express empathy, because we all need each other right now.

Restate the importance of their business

Big or small, brands have a role in overcoming COVID-19. Develop content that is helpful, factual, informative, and entertaining (we all need this).

More than this, we provide other important means for small businesses to thrive. We offer assistance in web development, Shopify integration, email marketing, and social media.

Send your questions at +1 (213) 306-3144.

Book your spot for our weekly forum today!

Need assistance or know someone who does, send us a message to apply for a free COVID-19 relief help from USA Link System.

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