Why You Should Use WhatsApp Business in 2021

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Why You Should Use WhatsApp Business in 2021

Trends | Jul 01, 2021

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If you’re asking What is WhatsApp? then you’re missing out on a major marketing tool for your brand or business.

WhatsApp’s popularity with 2 billion people and counting created an offshoot built for small businesses: WhatsApp Business.

What Can WhatsApp Business Do For Your Business?

Instant Access to Billions of Users Worldwide

Being visible on a platform that is already popular for people is an easy way to increase visibility. With a user count of 2 billion and growing with at least half of those users being active daily, ensuring you’re available on a platform said users are already familiar with gives customers and clients more choices to reach you.

Exclusive Features Tailored for Small Businesses

WhatsApp Business gives businesses a way to connect with customers with innovative services. There are several tools you can use to customize your brand’s presentation and customer experience. Creating elements like Catalogs and pages for your business are excellent ways to capitalize on the momentum of building your audience.

WhatsApp Business

Create Super-Human Connections

Much like the way chatbots can help you give customers 24/7 assistance on websites, incorporating and strengthening your use of Automatic Replies and Notifications with customers creates a sales experience in the palm of their hand. Integrating automation into your customer connection keeps them engaged while streamlining your business to be equipped to manage the demand.

Over 175 million people message business accounts every day on WhatsApp. It’s important to leverage available tools to tend to your newfound traffic in WhatsApp Business to ensure customers receive consistent and cohesive responses that will encourage them to share with others. Building an audience is only sustainable by providing a meaningful experience once customers flock to your page.

Personalizing Relationships With Customers Leads to Conversions

According to The Harris Poll, 75% of customers say interacting with a business via messaging apps makes them feel more a more personalized connection than using other means. Instant messaging is a hallmark of being how we connect with friends and family quickly and easily, so your business’s ability to respond in the same way fosters trust and loyalty in customers while efficiently assisting them. Brand familiarity from your cohesive marketing campaign will make the personal point of contact all the more seamless for customers.

social media variety

Host Data Across Platforms for Seamless Connection

WhatsApp being part of the Facebook family of social media apps means hosting business profiles on Facebook in addition to WhatsApp makes use of services on both platforms easier on both sides of the transaction. Placing ads on Facebook and Instagram can help route customers to your business WhatsApp profile while still maintaining WhatsApp’s strong security features. Having an online presence on various connected platforms creates a well-rounded customer experience.

Ensure Customers Feel Secure

End-to-end message encryption and instant messaging built for phone and computer alike, what’s not to like for communicating with customers? While one could argue iMessage offers encryption and instantaneous connection, Apple iOS exclusivity ends up cutting Android users altogether. To bridge that gap as well as removing the standard SMS barrier of geographic location, WhatsApp is a secure option for connection regardless of location or hardware/software.

Reassuring customers that you’ve considered the value of their business and the information they share with you by choosing a secure area to conduct business gives customers a sense of security and trust in your brand to encourage them to return.

Is WhatsApp Business Right for You?

The eCommerce boom caused by the pandemic has caused businesses to innovate in unexpected ways. A great way for your business or brand to stay ahead of the curve is to integrate various avenues for customer connection into your marketing strategy. You don’t have to face these changes alone. The experts at USA Link System will gladly revolutionize your plans to maximize your marketing returns. Contact us today for your free consultation and take the next step in growing your business!

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