Your Clients are Online-Help Them Find You!

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Your Clients are Online-Help Them Find You!

Trends | Jul 09, 2021

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Is your brand’s strategy and presence ready to handle the sea of online competition? Here are some ways to stay ahead of the pack and engage your virtual audience.


Websites are the new business card, and it’s socially acceptable to be social with customers and clients online. In fact, it’s imperative to engage or your audience may evaporate. Many of the soft skills that originated in standard commerce have carried over to eCommerce, but there are innovations to consider when crafting your ultimate digital marketing strategy.

Small businesses can definitely benefit from an online-centered business model, despite all of the options users can find! Lovely Leaps lost their studio location due to COVID, but by discovering the major customer demand for virtual classes, the studio raised enough funding to open a new studio!

Even massive companies are innovating online products and services to engage more virtual consumers. Spotify's model of hosting music by playing ads for free subscribers or monthly subscriptions was hurtling towards becoming completely unsustainable. By pivoting to add original content and celebrity curations, Spotify now capitalizes on users choosing to engage with Spotify-exclusive content. If tech giants and small businesses alike innovate online to stay relevant, what steps can you take to help your brand stand out?


How To Stand Out Online

Think Like a Human

In a world of automation and innovation, it can be easy to forget that behind the screen is a human with thoughts and feelings that is looking for human connection. While it certainly doesn’t hurt to recruit automated help to engage with consumers, keeping your brand’s humanity in mind is an instant leg-up on impersonal companies that only value the bottom line and fail to connect on a deeper level. Get to know what your customers want, and find ways your brand can meet those needs.


How To Stand Out Online


Tell a Story

Humans love stories. Every human from any culture worldwide can relate to this compelling quirk. By focusing on the way your product, brand, or service fits into a customer’s daily life routine, you find your way of fitting into the story of your customer’s life. The best thing about stories is that humans love to share them, meaning crafting the right story will prompt others to share it.

Adding influencer marketing to your story strategy can give viewers an instant look at how your brand fits into someone’s lifestyle with someone relatable and familiar.

Create Relatable Social Media Posts

Creating a social media presence is a great way to make shareable content for users to engage with regularly, but social media is also an opportunity to connect with your audience on a personal level. Shoutouts and replies coupled with witty or relevant posts is a great way to give a well-rounded impression that will keep customers curious about your brand and make them want to follow, like, and share what they find.

Create Relatable Social Media Posts

Plan Like a Machine

Creating a relatable presence online is about more than posting memes and clever hashtags. Having a well-thought-out plan for your social media content and calendar makes spontaneous reactions feel more genuine and give viewers a sense of professionalism and reason to return to your page regularly for new posts. As much as we hate to admit it, humans are creatures of habit. Use this element to your advantage by planning what you can yet remaining flexible for updates and new ideas as they arise.

Engage at Normal Human Hours

When thinking about when to post, measure analytics of when your audience is online (which can be found using a CRM software or within Facebook, Instagram and other avenues directly) and schedule posts accordingly. Is your audience too small to measure metrics? No problem. Think about when humans tend to be online, notice patterns in your personal use of media, or research your target audience to determine when would be best to post for maximum exposure. Remember to factor in different demographics may log on at different times!

Get to the Top of Google

A solid SEO strategy is a way for your website-based store to see better traffic. Search engines can do a lot of the heavy lifting of advertising to users that are already searching for relief to a pain point or answers to burning questions. Show consumers your brand values being there to support them in their searches, and watch the revenue roll in!

Start a Blog

Blogs are a great way to boost your SEO avenues by giving you more content for search engines to find and pull you to the top of search engines. It’s also another great way to establish your brand as an authority in your industry, building confidence in consumers as they consider your brand among their many options. Make sure your blog content is fun and engaging. Take readers on a journey that ends with the prize that is your product or service!

Partner With Social Media Experts

It seems like a given, but teaming up with a team of experts that has already navigated the internet terrain with time-tested techniques and unique innovations can be a major growth hack! ULS is a scrappy crew of experts eager to help your brand step into its spotlight. Schedule a free consult with us today, and we’ll find the right path for you!

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