10 Best AI Copywriting Software Tools For Your Biz

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10 Best AI Copywriting Software Tools For Your Biz

Brand | Sep 05, 2022

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The rise of machines is here, and AI is evolving fast. So fast, that you can even use AI to help with copywriting.

While you may not fully eliminate the need for a human, you can use AI to help spark that creative brain and eliminate the drudge of the blank page.

Best Copywriting Software to Date

This list is somewhat long, but there are so many choices for the best AI copywriting software! Experiment with them all to discover which ones give you the best results.


Writesonic is a content-generating AI, with almost 10,000 users worldwide. It supports 25 languages, using the geographic location to choose between languages.

Like all automated copywriting software, it does require you to input a few lines of seed content and choose the type of content you want. It then outputs multiple content options within a few seconds.

Writesonic uses the latest GPT-3 technology that mimics content by human writers. It also analyzes the readability and grammar of the content, giving it a predictive score of how well the content will perform.

Writesonic is ideal for eCommerce brands and marketing agencies, as well as blogging and freelancing.


Jasper is one of the best copywriting AIs in the world right now. It creates very natural-sounding content and provides you the chance to set the tone of your content before creation. It can also create content in multiple languages, all modified with SEO in mind.


Anyword is another well-regarded AI copywriting software on the market, going strong since its launch in 2012.

Its best feature is the predictive performance score it creates, using audience demographic data to assess how the content will perform with them.

The user interface only requires your home page URL (so it can get an idea of what you want) and for you to choose the content type.

It can duplicate any type of writing style and also help to continuously optimize your content across all channels. Definitely ideal for marketers and eCommerce businesses!


This is beginner-friendly software, with an easy user interface. It provides access to more than 90 tools to help you create exactly the type of content you want. We’d say that CopyAI is ideal for large-scale marketing agencies and businesses.

Hypotenuse AI

Hypotenuse software uses multiple AI models for higher efficiency content. Their tagline is “Write high-quality content in less than 5 minutes.”

This software can also be directly linked to your brand’s project management system to reduce the hassle of copying and pasting everything and is ideal for eCommerce businesses and entrepreneurs.

Outranking IO

Outranking, while new, is in no way less than its competitors. It can create content in more than 12 global languages.

It comes equipped with GoogleDocs and WordPress plugins to streamline your content creation process.
Moreover, Outranking IO can create SEO-optimized content, while also creating snippets for Google’s People Also Ask section.


Rytr is a relatively new copywriting software, with a proprietary AI, along with GPT-3 technology. It is designed with a simple interface that allows you to easily manage workflow and collaborate with team members. Rytr offers more than 30 use cases and global languages. It also boasts of an in-built plagiarism check, which can be quite a handy timesaver.



SmartWriter is by far the best copywriting AI for email marketing. It has a personalized cold email outreach tool that can be used to boost business and bring in more people to your brand’s website.


Copysmith.AI is designed with a simple user interface that allows you to choose the type of content you need and input some seed content.

Like many other copywriting softwares in this list, it also makes use of GPT-3 technology for language prediction.

However, an additional feature in Copysmith.AI is that it allows you to save content in different folders for easy management; the content can even be accessed by other team members if you wish. This makes it ideal for large businesses and marketers.

LongShot AI

Last but not least, LongShot AI can create niche-specific content in a jiffy. This SEO-friendly content can then be used for both long and short-form posts.

It can also generate headline ideas based on your seed information and keywords, and the content is fact-checked and original.

Is AI Copywriting Software Worthwhile?

We’d say it has its uses! Copywriting software isn’t just an AI article spinner or article rewriting software. AI technology helps the software understand nuances like context, which only helps make its output all the more natural.

While this type of software won’t replace your need for that human touch, it can help dramatically increase your production and output, and save you time on repetitive copy projects like monthly newsletters or outlining blog posts. It’s best to try with different ones to find the one best suited for your business needs.

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